Archaeological Park was opened in Italy

Archaeological Park was opened in Italy

At the heart of the Italian Alps, in the Aosta Valley began to receive visitors new archaeological park Saint-Martin-de-Corléans. You can make a trip into the past, absorbed six meters under the earth’s surface.

Archaeological Park has its own ancient sanctuary, which is already being called a “new Stonehenge.” Exhibits park covering more than 6000 years of human history.

On an area of ​​almost 10 thousand square meters, you can relive an incredible journey through time – from the Neolithic to the present day. This site was created as a sanctuary in a copper century, as evidenced by the statue found by archaeologists, but with the advent of the Iron Age to the gods worship area turned into a necropolis with impressive monuments, built of enormous boulders that resemble stones of Stonehenge.

The necropolis was discovered by archaeologists in 1969 during the construction of houses on the western outskirts of the city of Aosta: bulldozer accidentally unearthed the tomb of the Gauls, dating from the II century BC Before the emergence of the archaeological park of Saint-Martin-de-Corléans passed 47 years: in the excavation has been invested 40 million euros, and it will take at least another 20 million to complete them.

Opening hours of the park – from 9:00 to 19:00 in the period up to 30 September and from 10:00 to 18:00 (with an hour break for lunch) – in the winter. Cost of the ticket – 7 euros for adults and 2 euros – for children.

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