Croatian National Park banned the tourists to wear flip-flops

Croatian National Park banned the tourists to wear flip-flops

The Croatian National Park Plitvice Lakes (Plitvička jezera) a ban on the wearing of slippers and other unsuitable for excursions to the mountains of shoes due to a sharp increase in the number of accidents with tourists trying to make a spectacular selfie.

Weekly on Plitvice Lakes recorded several tragic incidents from the national park visitors. Recently, 20-year-old tourist from Canada slipped and fell from a height of about 70 meters, trying to do a selfie on a cliff on the background of a waterfall. Fortunately, he survived. But the 54-year-old traveler from Slovakia was less fortunate: the woman decided to make a photo at the same place, climbed over the fence, fell off a cliff and died. Shortly before that, the elderly couple from Germany were separated from their tour group to climb higher on the rock, broke down and fell into the water. The woman died on the spot, and her husband died in the hospital.

According to rescuers, every year at the Plitvice lakes killed at least one person and carried out 1,200 rescue operations – is five times more than a decade ago. Rescuers believe that the increase in the number of accidents associated with the increase in popularity of selfie.

Croatian rescue service in the mountains (Hrvatska gorska služba spašavanja) appealed to the visitors in the microblog Twitter: “Dear visitors, we respect you It’s time you start to respect yourself Stop doing stupid and dangerous selfie Thank you….”

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