Countries where tourists should watch to every step

Countries where tourists should watch to every step World Tourism News

Countries where tourists should watch to every step

They are proud of the stunning beaches, World Heritage Sites, striking monuments and magnificent nature – but not all travelers dare to come here. In countries with a dictatorial regime of citizens rights and freedoms are limited, and the alien could be imprisoned for insulting the state leader, photographing the sights or simply for their appearance.

Experts who have visited such countries, compiled a list of tips for the publication Daily Mail, to help travelers avoid problems in such countries.

North Korea

In North Korea dominated totalitarianism, the head of state – Kim Jong-un, who took office after his father’s death in 2001. This isolated country opened the door a little wider to foreigners, but everywhere pursue special services – by visiting Pyongyang, demilitarized border area, the beaches or the mountains Pektusan. All tourists need to be aware that even minor offenses threatening severe punishment.

Recently, 21-year-old American Vormbe Otto was sentenced to 15 years penal colony for a crime against North Korea after he admitted that he was trying to steal a propaganda poster in the hotel and take it home as a trophy.

Because photography tourists can also cause problems. But Simon Kokorel, CEO of Koryo Tours (Beijing tour operator that sends tourists to North Korea) said that the restrictions on photography not as common as they talk. It is forbidden to photograph military facilities, construction sites and the citizens of the state close up without their permission. Under the ban also photographing portraits and monuments Korean leaders, and tourists are obliged to bow to the statues and monuments, to pay tribute to when it will be needed. Tourists are required to respect both the incumbent and his predecessors – criticism, damage or destruction of their photos, even in local newspapers, facing serious problems, warns Kokorel.

“The main thing – hold your opinion regarding the policy with you, – advises blogger from Rome Stan Ferrari -. So should do in all totalitarian countries, but in North Korea, in particular, there is clearly expressed national pride, and the tourists are always viewed with suspicion all northern. Koreans honor the Code of conduct “kibun”, which means “person”. “

In North Korea, is prohibited carry pornographic materials (and all that can be mistaken for pornography), goods from South Korea, GPS navigators, radio and satellite phones, it is impossible to distribute religious materials (Bible, for example), says Kokorel. Ferrari added: “During my trip to North Korea, I had to accept the fact that it was impossible to carry the Bible, the Koran and the professional camera.” To visit the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the tomb of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, she had to put on a strict dress.

security expert and author of travel allowances on how to survive the tourist, Lloyd Figgins believes that the first tourists traveling on North Korea should realize that throughout their visit, they will be under constant supervision. “Usually, the Secret Service everywhere follow you and your group strict instructions will be given to your guide, where visitors are allowed, and where -. Is not therefore do not create awkward situations and refer to guides requests to deviate from the route in particular, it concerns the.. and out of the hotel for a walk, “- he said. Figgins warns that in a hotel room stuffed with all bugs, including phones. And do not think that your electronic equipment is not heard, even if stored in a safe.


Cuba – one of the most desirable tourist destinations in 2016. Now the country is ready to take a huge flow of tourists from the US, which means that relations between the two countries, a period of thaw. The best Caribbean beaches belong to Cuba, and the rest in luxurious hotels at Varadero tourists almost unnoticed that the socialist country still lives in a totalitarian regime under the control of the Communist Party of Cuba. Cuba – a one-party state, therefore, there is high level of public scrutiny, the police present everywhere, and we should not forget about the limitation of the right to freedom of expression, according to the British Foreign Office.

Tourists are advised to avoid mass gatherings, meetings and demonstrations, as well as the areas of deployment of military facilities and other forbidden areas. Also be careful when you take a picture or shoot a video on places where there are no signs. Homosexuality is not forbidden, but same-sex couples should avoid public expression of feelings, in order to avoid unwanted attention of police. Figgins sure tourists before the trip, it is desirable to know all the laws in force in Cuba, as well as any other state.


Every year millions of tourists come to Thailand, but from May of 2014 in the country operates a military totalitarian regime. According to the interim constitution, in-chief General Prayuta Chan-Ocha has extensive powers and the ability to restrict freedom of assembly and expression. Criticism of the military forces of the country – is illegal, so tourists need to stay away from any of strikes and demonstrations. It is unacceptable to criticize the monarch Bhumibol Adulyadej and the royal family. The penalty for such a crime (an insult to His Majesty) – a prison term of 15 years.

According to Ferrari, “the population of totalitarian states or indeed betrayed his government’s policy, or support his opinion only out of fear, therefore inadmissible travelers say unflattering things about the leader of the state, even if they can not stand.” “Disrespect for the governor – a sure way to mortally offend the locals, guides including” – she adds.

Foreigners could be imprisoned for the passage of small amounts of drugs, and for drug trafficking face the death penalty. By the way, the Thai authorities have restricted the broadcasting of certain television and radio stations and blocked a lot of foreign Web sites, the Western news services, discussion forums, as well as sites that criticize the royal family.


The socialist state, China also receives many tourists each year. Most trips of foreigners in the country do without accidents. But problems can appear even before you leave the airport. At the airport, foreigners selectively pass drug tests, and, if the result is positive, they will draw from responsibility, no matter where and when drugs were purchased. Offences related to drugs, severely punished, including the death penalty. In 2009, the British had been executed for drug smuggling.

In the police power to detain a tourist on bail a few months, or arrest if he is suspected of a crime or even for taking part in the dispute. China – one-party state, open to foreigners, but during the conversation with the Chinese citizens should be tactful, especially – in conversations on political subjects. Tourists are advised to avoid participation in rallies and speeches for the independence of Tibet, and it is better not to take the demonstration to the camera or camera. British Foreign Office strongly recommends that you avoid all sorts of clusters and demonstrations, as the Chinese authorities strictly monitor public order, and you can be arrested, deported or detained. Tracking the movements of their friends during their holidays in China is difficult, sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are blocked there. Gambling is prohibited in mainland China, as well as preaching and distributing Bible.


The stunning national parks and wildlife sanctuaries Zimbabwe inhabited by lions, elephants and other animals, attract thousands of tourists in the country, whose economy is going through difficult times. The African country with a moderately authoritarian political regime is headed by 92-year-old Robert Mugabe since 1980. Citizens and foreigners break the law, if insult or disapproval will respond to the political leader or provezut materials insulting the president’s administration. Also punished for shooting government agencies, airports, military installations, embassies and official residences without government permission. You can not take pictures of police and military, demonstrations and protests.

Tourists should stay away from the house of the president in the capital Harare, where walks and photography is prohibited. Homosexuality is considered indecent in Zimbabwe, so the tour, held in same-sex relationships, you need to be especially careful. According to Ferrari, all the tourists before visiting the totalitarian countries should realize that they are not in Spain, Greece and Brazil, and to behave need appropriately: “Imagine that you are the first time at a party. Treat owners respectfully, politely, their history and culture, give thanks for the hospitality. This is not just a recommendation, and the lesson learned by me in practice. their way of life, their respect for the traditions and beliefs has to itself, and is of interest because these countries are not so open to the world, like the others. “


The number of tourists going on vacation in Egypt, fell sharply after the collapse of the Russian passenger aircraft in a terrorist attack. In a state with a military dictatorship a high level of terrorist threat, besides the country in 2011, suffers from the riots.

To control the raging crowd the police can use the weapon, so when a demonstration, it is better to leave the tourists. During demonstrations of Europeans could be killed or subjected to violence. So you should think twice before you get the camera. Travelers can delay for photographing military installations and their surrounding areas, in particular, the Suez Canal. British tourists have been arrested in Egypt for the shooting power, railway stations and bridges. According to Figgins, picture – a dangerous occupation, most totalitarian states prohibit shooting all objects except those included in the guide. Not worth the risk and try something quickly click, in the hope that no one will see you. The authorities have the right to view all your photos when leaving the country. And it is true, Figgins was convinced of it by example when passing customs control.

Homosexuals can not publicly express their feelings, and not allowed to call people to convert to Christianity. In Egypt, Islam practiced mostly, and tourists need to be extremely careful not to offend the feelings of believers. Public expression of feelings are not welcome, dress modestly, if you are going to the mosque, on the market or in the countryside. Keeping drugs can cause a severe prison sentence until death.

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