In September in Macau – the world most beautiful fireworks

Macau - the world most beautiful fireworks World Tourism News

Macau - the world most beautiful fireworks

September 3 to October 1, Macau (China) will be held 28-1 International Fireworks Competition. It will bring together teams pyrotechnics from China, Thailand, Portugal, the UK, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Canada and Romania.

Their contest works in the sky over the sea opposite the Macau Tower skyscraper participants will present 3, 10, 15, 24 September and 1 October. Topics of speeches – “Pirofantaziya”, “Autumn Harmony”, “Distant Star”, “Feast in the sky” and others. According to the organizers, one of the performances will be dedicated to James Bond. Spectacular fireworks will be accompanied by live music and a laser show.

Macao – a special administrative region of China, where dozens of casinos operate. This “Asian Las Vegas” attracts millions of tourists from around the world is not only possible for the game, but also a variety of shows, as well as its beautiful beaches.

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