Macau Attractions

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Macau Attractions

Macau – a chic resort and the best tourist attractions. The former Portuguese colony is now a strategic territory and an essential element of China’s tourism industry. Today, we learn, is rich in Macau and which attractions to visit first.

Temple A-Ma – Macau spiritual monument


The historic center of Macau is one of the main UNESCO World Heritage sites in the region. One of the key attractions of the historic center is the Temple of A-Ma. This Taoist shrine is very popular among foreign tourists, as the spiritual component displays the local population and their relation to the historical and cultural heritage of their ancestors. Here you can also enjoy traditional Chinese architecture and beautiful nature around.

Gallery Tap Seac – Landmark Macau

Gallery Tap Seac – a unique monument not only in its architecture and design, but also in content collections. Gallery is the cultural treasury of Macau since the time of the establishment of the Portuguese government in these lands. Here you can find not only works of art by local artists, but the work of foreign craftsmen. Subjects of the collections are also likely to appeal to fans of contemporary Western art.

Macau Tower – famous landmark

Macau Tower - famous landmark

Macau Tower can be called world-famous monument! Glory Tower brought her height to 338 m, and the opportunity to participate in bungee jumping attraction. Officially it established that it is the highest “bungee” in the world! Anyone can pay $ 1,000 and to make a jump. However, it is not only the dignity of the tower, because the majority of tourists visit attraction for a stunning panoramic view to the open viewing platform at a height of 230 meters. Of course, you will not let go without a special insurance, which must be put before lifting. Also in the “Macau Tower” offers you dozens of boutiques, shops, restaurants and even a cinema.

Square Leal Senado. Macau

Square Leal Senado – it is not only the center of the cluster of tourists, but also the most photogenic place in town. For many years the point of interest is the most visited and recognizable reminder of Macau. In the days of the Portuguese colony was located here the main legislative body of the city. Now Leal Senado – This gorgeous example of colonial architecture. In addition, the area included in the UNESCO heritage list, which only increases its attractiveness for tourists.

Taipa – Treasure Island to Macau

Taipa – one of the islands on which the autonomous territory of Macau. By itself, the island is small, but can offer many interesting sights. To travel on Taipa Island is best to allocate all the day, as a large number of traditional retail shops, museums, and small family-owned small restaurants will select all of the allotted time. Nice to look no modern buildings and the dominance of colonial architecture in all the sights and homes. People here are friendly and kind, which has a tourist shopping more souvenirs.

Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Landmark Macau

Attraction Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Perhaps the ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral – a unique monument of the former colonial power Portugal in these lands. Well preserved only the facade of the building, against which tourists like to be photographed. The Cathedral is the remains of massive stone buildings of the XVI century. Once it was the main architectural masterpiece and a symbol of Portugal in the Chinese lands, but times have passed, and from St. Paul’s Cathedral were only ruins …

Fortaleza do Monte and Macau Museum


This attraction is a great value for those who are interested in the history and traditions of Macau. Fortaleza do Monte – is a tourist area with a large and beautiful park, a former military garrison and the city’s history museum. Here you can find information about creating a colony on this land, its development and subsequent transfer of sovereignty to the Chinese side.

Entertainment in Macau

Oddly enough, the best tourist attractions is a day in the shoes of a local resident. For some it will be a real extreme, and someone will get a lot of fun and can learn simple people better, their interests and culture. For starters it is best to ride in public transport. I am sure you will have a great memory of the good and gracious Macao residents.

Macau Attractions
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Date Published: 03/24/2016
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