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Journey to Portugal

Journey to Portugal was excellent and Editors, could not help but share with you my impressions. From Helsinki to Lisbon airport – only four hours fly. Pair your favorite movies, quite a decent dinner with Portuguese wine – and here you are at home Vasco Da Gama. Before you go out of the capital in Sagres to the ocean, we spent an evening and a day walk through the Park of Nations.

Lisbon Oceanarium – the former Pavilion of the oceans Lisbon World Fair Expo 1998 – a self-respecting traveler ignore does not. The building and its surroundings are full of light and spaciousness.

Lisbon oceanarium

During our visit to the numerous school groups filled the territory of their chirping and bustle. Portuguese children are very different in temperament from, for example, their northern peers incredible mobility, sociability and emotionality. Teachers should not pull up, do not make comments to the behavior calmly, even when the children periodically, literally, go to each other on the head. The pavilion with the penguins, another group of enthusiastic children have almost squeezed out of the fence.

Lisbon oceanarium inter

Apparently, for teachers in their behavior there is nothing outrageous. Portuguese Happy childhood. On the comfortable stay of children and adults here especially taken care of. A long series of tents with comfortable armchairs allowing you to relax in the shade, to exchange experiences and simply to gather all in a heap after the tour. To somehow distinguish by groups of children, they wear caps and T-shirts of certain colors.

fish in aquarium

One of the biggest in the world, the aquarium is really impressive in its scope and variety. Especially good central aquarium, which is 7 meters depth and the water temperature is equally comfortable for both tropical fish, as well as for representatives of the temperate latitudes. Without exaggeration, you feel in the water in the open ocean.

small fish oceanarium

The most incredible underwater creatures for me and left a strange creature – sun-fish, it is also a fish-moon, she’s a fish-head. It seems that the rest of the body it someone took a bite, and the next-generation inherited the consequences of this accident.

small shark oceanarium

Yet, this fish is not devoid of charm and grace. She walked slowly and with dignity slides in depth, not paying any attention to their ordinary neighbors. Respect!

sun fish, fish moon, fish head

fish sun oceanarium

Journey to Portugal – Lisbon oceanarium
Lisbon Oceanarium - traveling with site! The most beautiful and rare fish, unforgettable impressions of. A wonderful vacation for you and your family.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 02/14/2017
My travel story: "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
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