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Slovakia attractions

Slovakia – a country in Central Europe. The capital – Bratislava. The country’s population is approximately 5.5 million. man. Religion – Christianity; 70% – Catholics. Official language – Slovak. Landlocked does not. From 1945 to 1993, he was part of Czechoslovakia. The form of government – a parliamentary republic.

Slovakia was inhabited by Slavs from the time of the Great Migration, namely the V century AD Greatest prosperity it has reached the state Great Moravia in the IX century. Over time it held connection to Hungary, then to Austria-Hungary, and in the first half of the XX century – Association with the Czech Republic and Sub-Carpathian Rus. Slovakia is an independent state since January 1993. In 2004, she became a member of the EU.

Most of the country is covered by mountains. To the east of the capital lies the Danube valley. The climate is temperate continental. In mountainous areas, long snow. One of the best ski resorts is clear. In Slovakia, a lot of ancient and medieval architecture. For example, the Bratislava Castle, the castle Krasna Horka.

Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle – central locking of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia; National and cultural monument. This monumental castle of rectangular form stands in the heart of the city on the Danube cliff.

Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

It is noteworthy that the cliff you can see the neighboring Hungary and Austria. The hill on which stands the castle, situated just near the Slovak border with these countries. In the Middle Ages it passed through the most important trade routes – the Amber Road.

The bus journey from Vienna takes about 1 hour. The bus station is located near the city center under the New Bridge, from where you can walk to Bratislava Castle. The castle is the cobbled road. Free admission. It is open to visitors year round from 9.00 am to 17.00. Also, to the sights can be reached by public transport, next to the stop of “Grad”.

Bratislava Castle

From the castle surrounding area offers great views of the Old Town. The biggest Castle Tower was built in the XIII century. It is called the crown, since it is stored crown jewels. Its present appearance of the castle acquired in the XX century, as the old building completely burned down in 1811.

Today, the castle houses a permanent exhibition of the Slovak National Museum. Also within its walls are various exhibitions, summits and meetings of senior officials.

Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle, Slovakia

Bojnice Castle – one of the most beautiful and the most visited castle in Bojnice, Slovakia; National and cultural monument. Every year more than 200 thousand people cross the gates. Tourists are attracted by both the architecture and medieval atmosphere, carefully stored in the castle.

The first mention of it relates to the XII century, when the castle on the site of a wooden structure existed in the mountainous terrain. In the XIII century it was rebuilt in stone. In the same period, the castle got its Gothic look.

Bojnice Castle

In the Middle Ages the castle was the residence of Hungarian kings and hereditary. As a result of numerous rearrangements, the building eventually acquired the features of French Romanticism. According to rumors in the Bojnice castle haunted. In this regard, the annual costumed ghosts festival is held in late April in its territory.

At the insistence of the last owner of the castle of Count Jan Frantisek Palffy, Museum of postmodern architectural style it was organized in it. Entrance to the museum for an extra charge, but for photos and video will be charged separately.

Geographically Bojnice Castle is located in the heart of the city. Distance between Bojnice and Bratislava – about 190 km. Between the city has a developed bus and railway / a message. In Bojnice is always a lot of tourists, as it is well-known spa resort.

Castle Krasna Horka

Castle Krasna Horka, Slovakia

Slovakia attractions. Castle Krasna Horka – one of the most picturesque castles in Slovakia; medieval fortification. Krasna (beautiful) Hill is located near the town of Roznava on a high hill. On all sides the fortress-castle is surrounded by a picturesque village called Krasnogorsk Pograde.

Admire this medieval monument, thousands of tourists come to architecture. A modern building built in white stone and has a shape came down from the castle image. The initiators of the construction of the castle were nobles Bebekovy. In XVI-XVII centuries. it was fortified and acquired a Renaissance look.

Castle Krasna Horka

In 1817 the castle was a strong fire, after which it was completely restored Austro-Hungarian Count Andrassy. At the beginning of the XX century the museum was opened in it. The main attractions include the Castle collection of weapons and paintings, fireplace rooms, and, of course, a glass tomb built for the wife of one of the owners.

Not long ago, the fault of two teenagers caught fire in Krasnaya Gorka. However, most of the museum exhibits managed to save. Independent inspection of the castle is prohibited. Tourists usually come in organized tours. The distance from Bratislava is about 330 km.

Kežmarok Castle

Kežmarok Castle, Slovakia

Kežmarok Castle – the most famous castle of the High Tatras in Slovakia. It is located in the eastern part of the city Kezmarok and is open daily to the public.

Presumably, it was founded in the XV century Ya Yiskroy since the first mention of it date back to 1447 year. In those days it was called in the German manner or Keysmark Kesmark. The next owner of the castle rebuilt in the late Gothic style.

Kežmarok Castle

The current form of the Italian masters gave him a little later. Throughout the XIX century the Kežmarok castle was used for various purposes. He was also a storehouse and barracks, and factory. Today, the museum many archaeological finds, some of which are even items of the Ice Age.

The castle complex includes a small chapel and several towers. Of particular interest to tourists cause the exposition of historical weapons and cars. The main tower of the castle holds the sad story of Crown Princess Beata Laska. For many years she spent in the tower, sharpened her husband.

To get to Kežmarok can be on the train and on the bus tour of other cities in Slovakia. Distance from Bratislava is 350 km, to the Zvolen – 150 km, to Rožňava – 87 km.

Orava Castle

Orava Castle – one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia, situated on a cliff above the river Orava. It offers excellent views of the valley.

Orava Castle, Slovakia

Orava Castle Construction began in the XIII century and lasted for several centuries. The strategic position of forced firmly reinforce the walls, battlements and defense towers. In the Middle Ages at this site crossed important trade routes.

castle architecture differs versatility. This so-called “salad” of several styles. The outer and inner form of the Orava Castle places discernible elements of baroque, sometimes – Gothic and Renaissance. Especially picturesque patios and balconies of the complex.

Orava Castle

For example, the very first film about Count Dracula was filmed here. Since the end of the XIX century, the castle is a museum, more precisely a number of museums, which give a complete picture of the country’s history.

Construction of the castle took place in three stages. At the initial stage it was built only the first level, which is characterized by a modest interior, deserted halls, dark atmosphere, but the variety of transitions and defense means. In the second and third level of the presence of the Romantic feel: more comfortable and habitable space, the original utensils and furnishings, romantic stairs and balconies.

Entrance to the Orava Castle surcharge. The complex is open for public visits almost every day, except in April and the Christmas holidays. To get to the attractions can be from Bratislava by train.

Church of St. Elizabeth

Cathedral of Saint Elizabeth, Slovakia

Church of St. Elizabeth – monumental cathedral in Košice, Slovakia, a national architectural monument.

The church was built in the Gothic style from the XIV and XV century. Presumably in the XI century on the site was the old church of St. Michael. After the city was declared the patroness Elizabeth of Hungary, the church was consecrated in her honor.

Cathedral of Saint Elizabeth

the main altar with the altarpiece in the interior of the cathedral deserve a special attention. Many call it a masterpiece of art, and for good reason. It 48 paintings representing the Passion of Christ and Christmas, as well as scenes from the life of St. Elizabeth. No less picturesque murals and ornate chapel.

Get to Kosice can be both from Bratislava and other Slovak and European cities. Distance from Bratislava impressive – more than 400 km, so many travelers prefer to air transport. Flight time to Barcza Kosice-Airport – 1 hour. At the same time the airport is just a short drive from the downtown area.

Zvolen Castle

Zvolen Castle, Slovakia

Zvolen Castle – Castle on a hill in the center of Zvolen, historical and architectural monument of Slovakia. The facility was built for defensive purposes in the confluence of the Slatina River with its left tributary. Each year the castle is visited by thousands of curious tourists.

The castle was built in the Italian masters of the second half of the XIV century. Initially it was used as a hunting lodge of Louis the Great and his summer residence, and during the Turkish wars as a reliable stronghold. Over time, it appeared staterooms, rich paintings and defensive ramparts with loopholes. Throughout its history Zvolen castle was never taken.

Zvolen Castle

Of particular interest to tourists is the National Gallery, located in the castle. It presents the works of outstanding artists of XVI-XVIII centuries., Including Rubens and Veronese, as well as the art of the Gothic period.

The castle is open to visitors every day except Monday, from 10 am. During the summer, festivals are held in the castle complex, concerts and theatrical performances. Moreover, on different days within the walls of the castle are Orthodox and Catholic worship.

The distance from Bratislava – 200 km approx. In Zvolen regular trains. The closest to the city is located in Banska Bystrica, only 25 km away. Also in Zvolen trains arrive from Budapest and Krakow.

Slovakia attractions
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