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Slovenia attractions

Slovenia – a country in Central Europe, occupies part of the Balkan Peninsula. The capital – Ljubljana. The country has access to the sea (Adriatic Coast). The total population, according to recent data, just over 2 million people.

Official language – Slovenian. The form of government – parliamentary republic headed by the President.

Slovenia occupies alpine, lowland and coastal geographies. The highest point is located in the Julian Alps. This Mount Triglav (2864 m). The largest rivers – the Sava and Drava. Both are tributaries of the Danube.

The climate is temperate continental. On the coast, the best season is from June to October, and in the mountains – from October to May.

The country is rich in sea, ski and medical wellness resorts. Here are some of them: Isola (seaside resort), Radenci (thermal spa), Bovec (ski resort).

Since the mid XX century, Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia, but in 1992 gained full independence. According to the administrative division has 210 communities. More than 70% of the population – Catholics. The national currency – the euro.

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle – the castle is steeped in history, located near the popular tourist destination – the town of Postojna, Slovenia. Many people associate the name with the construction of the castle “in front of the pit,” but really “pit” in translation from Slovenian in this case means “cave”. And, indeed, the castle hacked into the rock before the cave at an altitude of 123 m.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia

For local residents this building – a symbol of independence and national unity. The history of the castle is connected with a national hero by the name of Erasmus Yamskogo (Predjama). This fearless baron differed indomitable temper, and at one time opposed the very influential rulers, and Predjama Castle was just his refuge and a reliable rear. The surroundings of the castle is so picturesque that the flow of tourists from year to year does not decrease.

Although modern building, resembling a “nest”, appeared not so long ago. Predjama Castle in the XX century has been completely renovated. Throughout its history, he could serve as a patrimony of the many famous names: the nobility of the genus Oderburg family Purgshtall Baron Cobenzl, graphs Goritsky.

Predjama Castle

Under the main structure extended karst cave, but it is known that part of the cave was once used as a stable. More recently, the tradition was born here annually knight Erasmus Predjama tournament and for the sake of Slovenia visited by hundreds of fans of the historic festival.

By the way, against the background of this particular attractions of one of the films with the participation of the legendary Jackie Chan was shot. Today indoors is a museum where you can see figures of former residents. The most famous inhabitant, of course, Erasmus. Thus, it seems as if time stood still in the Predjama castle. Distance from Ljubljana to Postojna about 50 km. You can get there either by car or on the long-distance bus.

Bled Castle

Bled Castle, Slovenia

Slovenia attractions. Bled Castle – one of the oldest buildings in Slovenia; Bled castle in the area, located on the top of a 130-meter cliff directly above the picturesque Lake Bled. This attraction attracts tourists like a magnet, because the surrounding area is very picturesque panorama.

It was first mentioned in the beginning of XI century with a different name. The oldest part of the castle – the keep is in the Romanesque style, which served as Sentinel. Back in 1004, the castle was transferred into ownership of bishop Freyzingskogo. Main buildings appeared in the Middle Ages. This includes stone walls with towers, a chapel, a drawbridge, two courtyards with residential and farm buildings.

Bled Castle

Bled Castle today serves as a popular viewing platform. Visitors to the city love to climb to the top to enjoy the lake and the surrounding nature. This beautiful here at any time of the year. Externally, the castle looks like a medieval fortress impregnable. Currently, the museum is open to it. Other tourist attractions include the cellar, where, incidentally, treated to delicious local wine, an old printing press and a small neo-Gothic church.

Distance from Ljubljana to Bled is small, only about 50 km. It has recently become popular to celebrate the wedding castle, which involved the owner himself – titled graph.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled – lake of glacial origin in Slovenia. Situated only 45 km from Ljubljana, near the town of Bled. The lake is surrounded by the Julian Alps, making the neighborhood look even more picturesque. In the center you can see a small island with a Catholic chapel of the XVI century. Another attraction in the area – this is the eponymous castle on top of a 130-meter cliff.

Its visit will certainly visit Slovenia because of Brnik Airport just half an hour to go. Protected from the winds by the mountains, the lake in the summer can warm up to 25 degrees, and then it can safely swim. The town has two beaches, one of which is paid, and the other – free. In general, Bled is considered a prestigious Alpine resort, so there is always crowded. In its vicinity there is everything for a good rest: the hotel with thermal baths, ski slopes, spas and all kinds of entertainment.

Lake Bled

From the middle of the XX century there are competitions in rowing as a European and international scale. The total lake area of 1.45 km². In clear weather it boasts azure expanse of amazing, but in winter Lake Bled and its sights look no less picturesque. Medieval chapel in the middle of the lake is famous for its “bell of wishes”. Tourists will certainly want to call him for the fulfillment of wishes.

To it are 99 steps, which many Slovenian grooms trying to carry on his hands his bride. Those who cope with this task, ready for marriage. Castle on the cliff is one of the oldest in the country. It is now a historical museum. Before Bled can be easily reached by taxi from the airport or train from Ljubljana. Get off you need to Lesce-Bled station. You can stay in a hotel overlooking the lake.

Otočec Castle

Castle Otocec, Slovenia

Otočec Castle – a medieval castle in Slovenia, located in the picturesque valley of Dolenjska on the banks of the river Krka. It is the only castle in the country, which has an island location. On all sides it is framed by lush green forest and parkland. Today, based on the works of the castle of the same name with the hotel restaurant, which has become a tradition to celebrate the wedding.

Castle Otocec

He is considered the pearl palace architecture in Slovenia. The first mention of the castle dates to the middle of the XIII century. Being away from the land, while the castle served as a defensive function, but approximately in the XIV century, the drawbridge that connected it to the river bank was built. In the XVII century the inner chambers were completely rebuilt, after which the castle became more like a noble estate.

Today, the castle regularly hosts tours. Who wishes to stay in it for a few days, can take advantage of a local hotel. They say that there is good food and fine wines. In the vicinity there are all possibilities to go fishing, hunting, and even a game of tennis. Just a few kilometers located spa Šmarješke Toplice with healing mineral springs. To get to the Otočec Castle is on the highway E70 from Ljubljana in just one hour.

Cave of Postojna pit

Cave of Postojna Cave, Slovenia

Slovenia attractions. Cave of Postojna pit – the largest caves and one of the most visited attractions in Slovenia. For the convenience of tourists cave is equipped with artificial lighting and railways. The size of the internal space, open to the public, it is considered the largest of the existing ones. That is more than 5 kilometers is open to curious visitors.

Not far from this attraction is another popular tourist destination – Predjama Castle, which is also directly related to the karst caves. Postojna Cave for the first time mentioned in the records of Baron JW Valvasor (XVII century). Further studies will open new spaces of the cave, some of which are so spacious, that have been transformed into a concert hall. In this underground chamber once he gave concerts Theatre “La Scala”. Not the last role he played during the hostilities of the first half of the XX century.

Cave of Postojna Cave

Electric lighting in the cave appeared in 1844, and the first railroad was built in 1872. However, while the cars themselves do not move, so they had to push. The scale of the Postojna pit dazzling. It a huge number of stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and sizes. Tours last approximately 1.5 hours. That’s how long does it take to explore the 5 km of this beauty.

The last room has an artificial lake with strange creatures called “human fish”. This unique amphibians, which can only be found in the caves of Slovenia. These individuals can only exist under the ground and in total darkness. At the direction of the city Postojna regular buses from Ljubljana. The journey takes around 1 hour.

Slovenia attractions
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