The most dangerous places for tourists of singles

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thief pickpocket

For most of travelers the world is fine and full of miracles. However, despite abundance of beautiful places on our planet, there is a set of the directions dangerous to the western tourists.

Also it is not just about roguish taxi drivers and thieves pickpockets. In some cities organized gangster groups attack the European tourists who are allocated against locals. There are places which are especially dangerous to lonely tourists. Even good preparation and protection can not always save the traveler from danger. We have prepared for you a selection from five cities, going to which, loner tourists should get a reliable insurance and to follow several basic rules: not to walk the deserted streets, not to carry with itself cash, not to hang up expensive camera on a neck, and also to leave hours and jewelry in hotel.

Bogota, Colombia

The capital of Colombia Bogota – the picturesque ancient city which is buried in flowers. Thousands of tourists come every year not only to the capital, but also to villages where study culture of the country, work as volunteers or just travel. However many of foreigners don’t understand that Bogota conceals many dangers.

The terrorist organizations, narcocartels and the armed gangster groups are widespread on all Colombia, and especially there are a lot of them in Bogota. Tourists often become a target for criminals of all colors. Kidnapping cases are known. Therefore, going to Bogota, it is impossible to forget about risks and if the decision to go is firm there, it is necessary to have the action plan and a set of all necessary on a case of dangerous situations.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is popular and readily available for tourists. And her capital – not an exception. However to Mexico City it is known for high crime rate – street robberies, beatings and even kidnappings under certain circumstances. It is better for lonely women not to use public transport in a night-time – it is simply dangerous. Though many travel to Mexico City without problems, it is better for that who intends to visit this city to make the action plan on a case danger emergence.

Lima, Peru

One of the most ancient cities of South America and collar in Machu Picchu, Lima is included into the list of places which all tourists wishing to learn the American history by own experience need to visit. Unfortunately, number of tourists in the city in direct ratio to the number of the criminals wishing to use trustfulness about anything not suspecting travelers. Lima conceals many dangers to the simple tourist – from taxi drivers illegal immigrants who need not just journey payment, before the stealing happening most often on deserted roads at night. Everyone to visit this well-known city it is necessary to think over the route in advance and to use the taxi recommended by hotels or tour operators.

New Delhi, India

The promising business center of India, New Delhi draws attention not only business people, but also ordinary tourists. As well as any developing city, New Delhi gets not only identity, but also dangers – invariable satellites of sharp growth. The sexual violence against the traveling women is especially widespread here. Tourists from Europe, America, Japan became the victims of tyrants. Therefore all women wishing to visit New Delhi should make a safe route of the travel and not to go there alone at all.

Jakarta, Indonesia

The popular direction for fans of exotic rest, Jakarta suggests the guests to plunge into unique Indonesian culture and to feel taste of the real adventures. However a large number of dangers can turn rest of dream into a nightmare. Tourists should be afraid of terrorists and thieves. Besides, Jakarta is in a seismodangerous zone where the probability of tsunami formation and earthquakes is high.

The most dangerous places for tourists of singles
Article is written for tourists who like to travel alone. We will try to save you from mistakes on travel.
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Written by: inkas
Date Published: 04/17/2016
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