Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has always been a major holiday destination of Americans, but today the majority of tour operators around the world, offer tours to the Dominican Republic and this country has become a popular destination among Europeans. It is here, on the ground it is a great country for the first time Christopher Columbus set foot, thus opening America, but thinking that opened India. Columbus called this place a paradise on earth and today the Dominican Republic, with its beaches, warm climate and clear waters of the Caribbean can be considered the best resort and haven for relaxation every tourist and local resident.

The beaches of the island of Haiti The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Haiti, by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, so the main form of recreation in this country – is, of course, beaches. In addition to the pure white sands and clear water, there is also a botanical gardens, tropical parks where exotic plants grow. The Dominican Republic is the highest mountain called Duarte Peak, as well as in this country is the oldest city in the Americas – Santo Domingo.

Dominican beaches and carnivals – the perfect holiday for everyone

The most picturesque is considered to be north of the country to the Dominican Samana peninsula, where the variety of vegetation and the beauty of nature amazes the eye. Regarded as the most popular resort in the Dominican Republic warmly welcomes every visitor and invites you to spend your holiday at the popular resorts in the modern and comfortable hotels and the white beaches. Through a tour in the Dominican Republic, you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of service in the resort cities of the country, the beautiful clean sand and equipped beaches. Here you can hire a guide, instructor of swimming, surfing, mountaineering. Here the highest quality service in entertainment establishments. Resorts of the country called the Dominican Republic care about his reputation as a big part of the income the country receives from tourism.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CARNIVAL A distinctive feature of the Dominican Republic is the absolute democracy in all, and most importantly liberalism against members of any nationality. It can comfortably spend your vacation and Europeans, and Indians, and African-Americans, and Chinese. Freedom in the heart and attitude towards others characterized the inhabitants of this country.

Palm Dominican Republic In the Dominican Republic held a lot of carnivals so that we can say the whole life here goes it alone on the beach, but the festivities to the rhythm of clockwork dance in masks and costumes painted. Many Europeans prefer Dominican resort to meet the New Year night on the beach with champagne and fireworks, such holiday will definitely be unforgettable for you.

Dominican Republic – hospitable country

Every Dominican resort special on his own and be able to satisfy the most demanding tourists and the wealthy, and visitors with an average income. This island country with a fresh sea air, beaches, the sun and the slow flow of life does not give you a chance to get tired, and you will quickly adapt to the new rhythm. Spend an unforgettable vacation on the island of Haiti in the Dominican Republic to experience how this resort, its beaches, hotels, parks and restaurants in the better distinguished from the others.

dominican All local hotels operate on the principle of “all inclusive”. This means that you not only fed breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will be removed in the room, but you can also enjoy on-site golf, tennis or bridge, swim in the pool and go to the gym. The hotel also has restaurants, cafes, where you feed a delicious lunch. All additional services are included in the hotel, so going on holiday in a country like the Dominican Republic, you will not have to worry about the organization of their leisure time and during the day and at night. Dominican Republic attractions called the lagoon Gris-Gris, the top Duarte, who dreams of many climbers to conquer, and, of course, beaches and coral reefs.

Dominican resorts to choose from

The popular resorts of the country are considered to Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, La Romana, Samana, Juan Dolio and Uvero Alto Macao. Punta Cana is called the best place for a family holiday, the resort is located in the south-east of the island. Here there is a tourist area with hotels and entertainment venues, and untouched jungle, and, of course, the beach. Puerto Plata on the north coast of the Dominican Republic near Santo Domingo – a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There are popular water sports such as white water rafting, surfing and sailing. And also there is an opportunity to go on a jeep safari, available ecotourism and extreme tourism.

island Dominican Republic La Romana resort is suitable for couples, there is an opportunity to retire, relax on the white sandy beach, surrounded by tropical plants. There is a village of artists that was built directly above the gorges and Chavon Altos, as well as a unique amphitheater. The beautiful sandy beaches of Samana, together with its mountain slopes and coconut palms and tropical rivers that flow into the sea – attracts tourists prefer to completely change the situation and to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation. Resort Dominican Republic Juan Dolio is famous for its beaches on the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by coral reefs. Come here as tourists, offering to go on a trip to the capital, Santo Domingo, as well as visit the small town of Boca Chica, where there is a lot of fun. It is also one of the best places for diving under the name of La Caleta.

Dominican Republic resort Uvarov Alto Resort Macau is one of the smaller places to stay in the Dominican Republic. The hotels here offer a variety of spa services, you can hire a coach in many sports, and there are activities for children, if you take them with you on holiday. Leisure activities, scuba diving, trips – everything is possible at this resort. The Dominican Republic is not in vain considered to be a paradise and the center of tourism and recreation in the Americas.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is not only a friendly country of Haiti on the islands in the Atlantic, where democracy reigns, there a paradise for climbers and scuba divers, there are many fun, wonderful hotels, restaurants and cuisine, beaches and coral reefs.
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Date Published: 03/20/2016

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