Resorts of Czech Republic

Resorts of Czech Republic Best resorts

Resorts of Czech Republic

Czech Republic – is a cozy country with a lot of castles, beautiful nature, ancient history and a variety of spas. The atmosphere of the capital of Prague – is that not everyone will forget, once visited here, he will want to return again and again. Czech Republic is famous not only reminders of the culture, their brewers, architecture and beneficial impact on the moral and even physical health. There is a very well-equipped and ready to compete even with the Swiss ski resorts.

Czech Republic resort – God’s Gift

Bohemia Resort - God's Gift

One of those resorts of the Czech Republic is God’s Gift. It is 150 kilometers from Prague and only 27 km from Karlovy Vary. Tradition says that miners once found there a huge lump of silver, and considered it a gift from God. That is why the village was called God’s Gift. This small locality is situated at an altitude of 1025 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain resort in central Europe.

Layout style architecture can be attributed to the Renaissance, as it is in the form of a rectangle. The only building that belongs to the late Baroque style can be called the Church of St. Anne, which is located in the central square. Since the Czech Republic on the border with Germany, where it should be and that is the border, so here it is located in the resort of God’s Gift.

God's Gift lift Resort

Famous ski center in the Czech Republic is the area Klinovec and Neklid. A short distance there is a unique nature reserve. This town can be called one of the most popular winter resorts in the Czech Republic, because here there is everything for a good rest in this snowy season. The total length of ski runs is 70 kilometers away here.

Snow God's Gift

There are ski slopes for beginners, as well as trails for experienced athletes. Just behind the settlement begins the long and gentle slopes, they are suitable for those who come for a vacation at this resort with children Czech Republic. The top of the mountain Kl?novec endowed with steep slopes, which can train with experts in extreme skiing, here you can climb to the funicular. The highest point of the mountain is located at an altitude of 1244 meters above sea level.

The resort Czech Republic – Karlovy Vary

Another well-known health resort and the Czech Republic is Karlovy Vary. The resort is 120 kilometers from Prague and 45 meters from the border with Germany. Karlovy Vary is housed in Tepl? valley, where it merges with the river Oh?e. This resort is a picturesque valley, which is surrounded by Doupov and the Ore Mountains, and is covered with thick forest Slavkov.

Karlovy Vary town

Karlovy Vary – Czech Republic is a resort that is built step-runs. This is a resort with 12 mineral springs, whose temperature reaches 41 to 73 degrees Celsius. The most famous source is the geyser Vdlo, he throws about 2 million liters of mineral water per minute from a depth of 2.5 kilometers. Most sources here – a bicarbonate-sulfur-sodium chloride thermal waters.

Hot Spring Czech Republic

It is difficult to list all the useful properties, which are endowed with springs, swimming in them will be suitable for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, would be beneficial for blood circulation, skin, respiratory tract. Legendary Becherovka is 13 source, which breaks through the ground in the resort of Karlovy Vary. It was here that the famous drink is made.

The capital of the Czech Republic and Resort – Prague
Pool Karlovy Vary

It is impossible not to recall the main resorts of the Czech Republic and its capital – the city of Prague. She managed to save a special romantic charm and beauty of the architecture, visiting one Prague, simply can not remain indifferent to it. Everything here is unique and original. The style of the building can be seen and Gothic and Baroque, and Renaissance and Romanticism, Cubism and Art Nouveau. Prague can be called an open air museum, because most of the buildings and castles here have a long history.

An interesting fact is that on the hill Petrin is a small copy of the Eiffel Tower, with its summit you can see the city. Prague is near Vlatva River, terraced slopes along its shores. Even the most Sophisticated customers will always find a lot of interesting in Prague, especially in city tours.

bridge Prague

The mere location of Prague on the terraced slopes of the hills and along the banks of the Vltava River is widely pours can not leave indifferent even the most experienced travelers. In ancient times, it was here that intersect two important trade routes – amber and salt.

Perhaps to see all the sights, and enjoy all that offers the Czech capital, is not enough and several visits to this city. Every year, millions of people intrigued with stories of Prague, in a hurry to see with their own eyes the medieval palaces and temples, to visit the famous squares, visit the world-famous Charles Bridge and hear bout the old clock on the Old Town Hall. List attractions of the Czech capital is so huge, that is astounding. So this city is imbued with the spirit of the centuries-old history. In the old chronicles Prague was referred to as “Lady throughout the Czech Republic”, which bowed before the king.

Anyone who has visited Prague, constantly feels its appeal, immersed in happy memories of the days spent here. The capital of the Czech Republic was repeatedly sung by poets, musicians and artists. Anyone who has visited here, I want to come back here again.

Resorts of Czech Republic
Czech Republic - a country where you can get aesthetic pleasure from sightseeing and pass prevention, bathing in hot springs on the Czech spas. In addition, in winter you can go skiing on the mountain slopes.
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Date Published: 03/04/2016
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