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Cyprus – an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which keeps a 9000 years of history. It is said that he is named in honor of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite, whose middle name was Cyprida, and she emerged from the sea foam near the coast of the island. Cyprus – it’s olive groves, evergreen cypress, pine trees and eucalyptus, flowers, unusual and unique beauty, many of which grow only here. There is a legend that in Cyprus are so many colors, so that wherever the goddess Aphrodite stepped blossomed bougainvillea, climbing on pergolas and balconies rose bushes that bloom orchids.

Resort Cyprus Larnaca

The Mediterranean climate and beautiful nature made it possible to organize on the island of Cyprus summer resorts. One of these resorts is Larnaca, where sandy beaches close to the Mediterranean, there are comfortable hotels and a palm tree-lined promenade of Phinikoudes a wonderful view of the bay, to which the moored yachts. Cozy restaurants, cafes, equipped beach with pebbles and sand – all that Larnaca. Among the attractions of the resort: the Church of St. Lazarus, Larnaca and holy, as well as port and fortress Pieridisa Museum.

Beaches Mackenzie, Phinikoudes, Castella and Dasaki – this is the most famous beaches of the resort of Larnaca Cyprus. At the edge of the fishing village of Castella is Psarolimano – small beach with calm waters, rarely covered by waves. Here you can spend a nice relaxing holiday, away from the bustle of the city. For families with children can be the best beach in the green zone Dasaki Cyprus resort. There is a gentle entry into the water and a lawn for children. Mackenzie Beach at this resort in Cyprus stretches for one kilometer, near it there are many fish restaurants. Also, one of the most popular beaches on the island is considered Phinikoudes which is located in the center of the resort and is surrounded by palm trees. Palm trees were planted back in 1922, and today the beach is fully equipped for a comfortable stay.

Resort Cyprus Limassol

Another famous resort of Limassol is Cyprus. It is the second largest city of the island, situated on its southern coast. The city of Limassol is considered to be a place with a vibrant nightlife, is held here Carnival and Wine Festival. Pine forests with monasteries that are located nearby Troodos mountain range – one of the city’s attractions. Resort Limassol Cyprus is divided into three districts: Center, Amathus and Potamos Ermasoyyas. On the beaches, many of which belong to hotels, tour offers water sports, a variety of entertainment, a comfortable stay with all the amenities.

One of the best beach resort of Cyprus Limassol beach is considered Ladies Mile, on the way to another resort island called Paphos. On this beach like the rest experienced surfers, as they say, is “the right winds” and all year round you can tame the wave. At Mile Ledis not so many people, there is absolutely wild places, where they can retire lovers of peace, quiet rest and romance. For those who enjoy equipped beaches, with the possibility to sit with a glass of Fresh at a table on the beach, every 300 meters there are cafes and restaurants.

Resort Cyprus Paphos

On the southwest coast of Cyprus is another resort speakerphone under the name of Paphos. Scala, near which there was Aphrodite, it is here for the tradition of Mediterranean sea foam. Many tourists rush to Paphos to visit this legendary place. Harbour Kato Paphos is famous for its taverns, which serves fresh fish called meze. The resort began to grow rapidly in 1984, when the airport was opened in Cyprus. Here you can perfectly relax and have fun at any time of the day.

Among the attractions of the resort of Paphos in Cyprus: Tombs of the Kings, the Christian basilica, an ancient fort. Here are preserved many great discoveries, the museum has ancient mosaics found in the Mediterranean. For example, the mosaics of the villa of Dionysus, which was built as early as the 3rd century BC – are also among the attractions of Paphos. Grotto of Saint Solomon Colon St. Paul, Theseus villa and other echoes of antiquity located there. In a 15-minute drive from Paphos is one of the best sandy beaches in the Bay of Coral Bay and the peninsula near Maa Cyprus have similar Coralia Bay Bay – the best place for surfing. Cyprus Resorts are among the best in Europe.

Cyprus Resorts
Ancient mosaics that decorate churches and temples, the tombs of the kings, the Mediterranean sea, sun and sand beach - all of Cyprus. There once was born Aphrodite, carnivals and festivals are held, organized by the best resorts in Europe.
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Date Published: 04/20/2016
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