Italians was fined for monument cleaning

Italians was fined for monument cleaning

Italian entrepreneur, unhappy with the state of the monument to the Roman poet Ovid in his home town of Sulmona, Abruzzo region, he paid for his work cleaning and was fined for it municipal police.

Statue of Ovid is located in the historical center of Sulmona, in the area of XX Settembre. As the correspondent 49-year-old Pasquale Toro many times appealed to the local authorities, urging them to bring the sculpture covered with mud in the procedure, but did not get an answer. Finally, he called workers team and assumed responsibility for the cost of cleaning and cleaning of the statue of Ovid, calling it a “gesture of love for their city.”

Actions resident Sulmona displeased communal police, as he did not have the necessary permits to carry out works. The businessman was fined and sued by the authorities to the prosecutor.

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