Chubby administrators – the key to the hotel’s popularity

Chubby administrators - the key to the hotel's popularity World Tourism News

Chubby administrators - the key to the hotel's popularity

Employees of hotels, with a small overweight, according to the guests, do their job better than their lean counterparts, say the scientists of the department of hotel business at the University of Pennsylvania. According to the results of their research, not just a quick settlement, treats in the room and daily cleaning contribute to the rating of the hotel on the internet. It turned out that the customers leave the more positive reviews, the employees of which are folded tightly enough.

Study participants showed a photo of the hotel administrator and suggested a problem that the staff member had to be solved. The problem was the same, changing only the appearance, gender and physique administrators, writes Daily Mail. The scientists used photos 169 people actually working in hotels.

The survey results have shown that customers believe that women working in the hotel with some overweight show more kindness to guests, and better able to cope with their responsibilities. In addition, respondents noted that women are more dense constitution agreeable than their slim counterparts, and, in general, the position of administrator or receptionist them more suitable. Interestingly, in contrast to women, according to respondents, weight and physique of men working in hotels, does not affect their professional qualifications.

The researchers believe that their findings are particularly important for hoteliers, which currently places special demands on the appearance of staff.

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