Palermo Attractions

Palermo Attractions

The Italian city of Palermo is the city attractions, architectural and historical monuments. The sculptures, parks, buildings – everything here reflects its era. Palermo can be called a museum with numerous exhibits, and this can attest to every tourist that pass through the squares, streets and parks of the city. Palermo is the capital of the Italian region of Sicily. Every city in the country has its own patron saint among saints. Palermo patron saint Rosalia.

Landmark of Palermo – Kanti area of Quarto

Palermo - the Quattro Canti

Since the real attractions and places of Palermo, a lot of them can be listed for a long time, but we can recall only the most famous of them. One of these places is considered to be the area of Quarto Canti. This area is also called Piazza Villena and it is located in the historic city of Palermo, where cross the Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Magueda. Four buildings on the square are made in the style of the Sicilian Baroque, because they cut corners. Every corner is decorated with a marble coat of arms, which belongs to one of the viceroys. The sight of the area and can be called from the beauty of the buildings, and also due to the fact that it has become a witness ran past centuries, began its existence in the 17th century.

The lowest tier of the facades of buildings in the square filled with fountains, while the middle spotted by statues of Spanish kings, and the upper – clay silhouettes Oliva goddesses, nymphs, and Christina Agatha. Crossroads, which is this attraction Palermo, began to draw back in 1608, and led to all these Florentine architect Giulio Lasso. In fact, the basis for the construction of the intersection was taken in Rome, entitled “The Four Fountain” built by Pope Sixtus the Fifth planners.

Landmark of Palermo – Orleans Palace and Park

Orleans Palace Palermo

Another attraction is the Palermo Orleans Palace and Park. They are built in the 18th century. The park is the only ornithological park in Italy, and he became a real sanctuary in the 19th century. It all started with the fact that in 1808 the palace was purchased by the Duke of Orleans, Louis Philippe, the heir to the French dynasty. He lived here until 1814, while in exile, and no one did not know that he would become later King of France.

On 63 hectares of the territory of the palace park was established. There were growing exotic plants brought here rare animals and a variety of birds. In addition, the palace to the park is a rare sight of Palermo, from 1947 it is the residence of the President of Sicily.

Landmark of Palermo – Politeama Theatre

Teatro Politeama

Such attractions of Palermo as the Politeama Theatre is also called multi-genre theater. The theater is located in Piazza Ruggero Settimo Palermo center. Sicilian Symphony Orchestra considers theater as his residence from 2001, and yet the building for nearly 150 years. its construction was begun in 1867 under the project of the young and promising architect Giuseppe Damjanov Almeida.

In 1874, work was mainly their volume, completed and it is the first discovery of an open-air attractions of Palermo was organized this year. Construction continued for another 15 years, and only in 1891 it was completed. Name Giuseppe Garibaldi was awarded the theater in 1882. Restoration work was carried out in 2000, part of the premises handed over to the Gallery of Modern Art.

Landmark of Palermo – Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Palermo Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Attractions in Palermo a great many, but among them there is one more, and it is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Previously on the site of the modern cathedral are sacred religious structures. First, there was the church, which was destroyed by vandals, then there is the Cathedral, which was rebuilt in even the Saracens mosque. We started to build a modern cathedral in the 12th century, it was a period when the Normans returned to the archbishopric building.

Until the 19th century, construction continued and finished it in 1801. Although even before the completion of the construction, in the 17th century, namely in 1624, it was transferred to the cathedral relics of St. Rosalia – the same patron saint of Palermo. Today, inside the attractions are located tombs of emperors and kings of Sicily, as well as the treasury of the cathedral.

Palermo Attractions
Among the attractions of Palermo most isolated ancient castles and historic parks, planted with perennial trees and rare plants. Do not forget about the original culture, a variety of tourist attractions, beautiful nature of this city.
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