152 beach Italy received the “Blue Flags”

152 beach Italy received the Blue Flags World Tourism News

152 beach Italy received the Blue Flags

In 2016, Italian beaches have received 152 “Blue flag” – the highest environmental award given to the safest areas for swimming. The most attractive beach holiday Liguria region of Italy recognized.

This year, the country received 12 new “Blue Flag”, but seven Italian resorts have lost them.

At this year’s most evocative received Liguria, 25 beaches, which marked the prestigious award. Followed by Tuscany (19 flags), Marche (17 flags), Campania (14 flags) and Puglia (11). The region of Abruzzo lost three flags, received a total of six awards, and Emilia-Romagna beaches awarded seven flags (two less than the previous year) this year.

Veneto and Lazio have confirmed the quality of last year’s result of beaches received by 8 flags and Sardinia won 11 “Blue Flag” in 2016, which is three more than last year. Six Flags got beaches of Sicily (1); Calabria has 5 flags, Molise – three, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Basilicata – two.

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