Italy will let tourists on the coast of the island prison

Gorgon's island World Tourism News

Gorgon's island

The island in the Italian region Tuscany, known under the informal name “Prison”, became for the first time available to visit.

Gorgon’s island – the smallest among islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Here restriction for the maximum number of visitors in a year works. He is obliged by the second name to the correctional facility which is here in which about 70 prisoners serve sentence and work approximately as much the employees.

It is authorized to prisoner to move freely on the island, and they, as a rule, participate in agricultural works, looking after olive trees, kitchen gardens and vineyards which make more than 700 years wine of a family of Frescobaldi. Gorgona is a little known in comparison with other islands of the archipelago, such as Elba (place of the reference of Napoleon), Giglio (the Costa Concordia liner has crashed here) and Montekristo (a scene of action of the novel of A. Dumas). However he is allocated with the beautiful and untouched nature, Lonely Planet writes.

This year free access on the island is for the first time open. It is possible to get here by the boat which goes at 07:45 from Tuscan port Livorno. The boat can take aboard no more than 75 visitors to whom it is necessary then to go back no later than 19:30. Besides, it is allowed to walk on the island only accompanied by the local conductor. On the other hand, the place where it is so difficult to get, stands overcoming of these difficulties.

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