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Mediterranean countries in southern Europe occupies the peninsula, which is known, resembles a boot in shape, this is Italy. The islands as Sicily, Sardinia, Capri and a few others – also belong to Italy. The country is bordered by so many seas, that at least on every corner you can organize beach resorts. In the west of Italy bordering the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Sea, in the south – the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea in the east – the Adriatic. The slopes of the Alps and Apennines give reason to call Italy mountainous country.

Resort Italy Bormio

One of the most famous and legendary resorts in Italy even considered Bormio. It is also called the ski mecca. The resort is located near the northern edge of the region of Lombardy in the heart of Stelvio National Park. Bormio is part of Alta Valtellina ski area. He is considered a prestigious thermal and ski resort, famous around the world. Every year there are international ski competitions. The tops of the 1203 meters to 3017 made it possible to organize the resort Bormio, Italy route length of 60 kilometers. All routes are well prepared and thought out, equipped with lifts, which will take over the top, suitable for professionals and beginners.

Resort Italy Bormio

Bormio can teach everyone skiing and snowboarding, as it was at this resort is open better in Italy, ski school. Only here are the first-class slopes and resort rightfully gained worldwide fame. Ski season lasts Bormio from early December until the end of March, and provides as much longest season resort of its location at the foot of the glacier. After the 1985 World Championship in ski ride, the resort began to develop sports infrastructure, and even in the 60s, the Italian resort of Bormio has already started to be popular.

Snowy Bormio

Today, it is fully equipped and upgraded cable cars and slopes, Bormio – one of the most prestigious resorts in the Alps, many new hotels, shops and restaurants built here. ski pass system combines the Alta Valtellina region and has 230 kilometers. One of the most famous trails, which are more competitions, Stelvio is considered, it is called the Champions route. This slope – one of the most beautiful in the world, especially looks spectacular finish line in downtown. The final stage of the World Cup being held at this track in 1995. Resort Bormio service 1 cabin, 6 drag and the same number of chair lifts and two ski lifts.

Venice city in Italy

One of the coolest tracks for extreme track is considered to be at the peak of the Cima Bianca – white top, whose height is 3017 meters. From the summit offers stunning views of the mountain range of Valtellina. Trails total length of 25 kilometers of paved for those who prefer cross-country skiing. The top of the Cima Bianca is a starting point from which run in different directions several trails of varying difficulty. But those who are professional in skiing and loves extreme descents suitable Valfurva, which can be reached on unexplored paths through Vallecetta crest.

Resort Italy Venice

Resorts in Italy so much that you can talk about them for hours, but one of the holiday destinations that immediately comes to mind with memories of this country, is Venice. This is one of the most amazing cities in the world, which is built on the water, and the main transport movement here is the gondola. Splash of water that can be heard all over the place creates a special atmosphere in the city, gets rid of everyday stress. Due to the fact that the main mode of transport is the water, the air in the city is much cleaner than the average city.

Venice resort

Whole city is made up of 120 sandy islands, which are connected by 400 bridges. Attractions Resorts Italy Venice palaces of 16-18 centuries are considered, which are constructed in a unique Venetian style, as well as in the Baroque style. Piazza San Marco, where is the heraldic symbol of the city – a winged lion, accommodates such famous buildings as the Cathedral of San Marco, the Doge Palace, the bell tower, where his first telescope Galileo found.


Another Italy Resort Venice attraction is the Grand Canal, this is the main street of the city. The shape of the channel resembles the letter I, and it is a channel between the islands of the depth of 5 meters. Three bridges stretched across the channel. In addition to numerous temples and palaces, museums and squares are built many hotels and restaurants, developed tourist infrastructure, and at any time of year, but especially in the spring, Venice is visited by hundreds of tourists. When traveling by boat vapretto, they admire the beauty of the city, becoming souvenirs in the old shops on the street Marcher, visit famous places of the island of Burano and the Venice Carnival. To see how much will be unforgettable stay at one of the many summer and winter resorts in Italy, you need to see all the beauty of the country with their own eyes.

Resorts Italy
Bormio - one of the most famous resorts in Italy, which is not only prefer to relax lovers of extreme sports and ordinary skiers and snowboarders, but also which are often held competitions in ski riding, and in 1985 held the World Championship.
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