Business tourists eat in hotels and have a lot of coffee

Business tourists eat in hotels and have a lot of coffee World Tourism News

Business tourists eat in hotels and have a lot of coffee

The traveling business people have other inquiries and habits, than the ordinary tourists staying in hotels. How there live in hotels businessmen, employees of the Novotel network have told.

It has become clear that business travelers visit restaurant of hotel much more more often than vacationers: 97% of business lodgers have breakfast, have dinner and have supper, without leaving hotel. Business tourists use a laundry at hotel that more actively, than business trip lasts longer. And businessmen most often order a transfer from the airport and back.

Businessmen often ask from receptionist chargers for phone and the laptop (87%), handles and paper (55%), toothpaste and a brush (30%), accessories to shaving (15%), and also an adhesive tape, adapters to sockets, hair dryers, umbrellas and, very seldom, laptops. This set not strongly differs from inquiries of the ordinary tourist, the press service of the Novotel Hotels & Resorts network reports.

Statistically, more than a half of the businessmen who are staying at hotels take more alcohol, than tourists. It is possible this results from the fact that ordinary vacationers drink in city bars more often, but not in hotel. Also business guests have a lot of coffee: about 70% of such tourists drink 2-3 cups of coffee during action, 17% of guests order 4-5 cups, 10% are limited only to one cup, and only 3% don’t finish drinking even it.

Unusual also occur among a standard set of objects and services for the organization of business action in hotel (a catering, projectors, microphones, etc.): for example, wall clock or game console Xbox.

Interestingly, 65% of business travelers have the same high spirits, as tourists on vacation, and 35% of such guests keep working gravity. Poll of staff of hotels has shown that businessmen are much more active, than simple tourists, use hotel loyalty program.

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