New hotel rooms – without a desk and a wardrobe

New hotel rooms - without a desk and a wardrobe World Tourism News

New hotel rooms - without a desk and a wardrobe

In order to attract young guests, hotels are increasingly choosing minimalist design rooms. However, seasoned travelers did not welcome such changes: how to live without the desk?

Carpets were replaced with laminate, instead of the bathrooms are now showers and desktop ousted window sills and huge tables for TV. If such conditions are not conducive to creativity, guests can always go down the hall there and drink a glass of wine while working at the computer.

As the hotel staff, young people prefer spacious and clean rooms. They have carried out a little time, they like to be in the noisy lobby.

Nevertheless, for many travelers of the old school, the new system table real problem, says Fox News. “Lovely, but absolutely useless, – said Don Wright, the 59-year-old computer consultant from Lexington, KY -. Often, on these surfaces can not fit anything but a laptop.” 200 days a year, Wright spent in hotels and realize that most of them strives to meet the tastes of young people.

Young people will not confuse the lack of a table in the room, but for older travelers it will be a real challenge. “In 25 years, you can curl up and sit down anywhere, but after 45, let alone 50, the body requires certain amenities” – says Wright.

On the tourist forums blacklists hotels have been posted on the Internet, where there are no desks. Charles Krohn, 51-year-old employee of an insurance company from Atlanta, criticized the Marriott Hotel in one of these discussions: “Marriott is hardly a network of business hotels.” Once Charles had to work for the ironing board because of the lack of the table. Sitting in the lobby – not the best solution. “I set to work, and not to communicate” – says Krohn, who lives in hotels 150 days a year.

According to Arne Sorensen, Director General of Marriott International, guests do not need a cupboard more drawers and a desk. But they need the space, large TV b-speed Wi-Fi. “We are not in favor of depriving the working area of ​​the hotel rooms, but more often we set it smaller tables It is easier to organize the space..”, – Says Sorenson.

In addition, room must be more sophisticated. For example, the bathrooms: in the past it was a tiny room, the door of which is locked, but today instead of bulky bathrooms – comfortable cabin, and the door began sliding, and hotels have made the expansion of space.

Superior interior rooms allows guests to feel at home. Although much of the anger of tourists due to the lack of tables in the room struck the Marriott, such hotels are already quite a lot. Several networks have fundamentally changed their concept and converted their numbers. The Best Western has introduced a new hotel chain called Vib, which replaced the hanger wardrobe and drawers in the bed – dresser. The Tru, owned by Hilton, there was something like this: instead of the closet in the room – the hooks on the wall. Table replaced the chair where you can even fit a small laptop or tablet. And at the Aloft Starwood network and there is no closet, instead of him – behind the curtain hanger.

Although the hotel administration says that the causes of change – the desire of guests, however, innovations such significant cost savings. For comparison – in order to build a suite of Tru, belonging to the Hilton chain, will require 84 thousand dollars, and at the Hampton Inn – about 110 thousand. As for the Best Western, it has opened a new hotel a Glo, each room at a cost of 65 thousand dollars. These rooms are easier to clean, therefore the hotel can save on operating personnel.

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