What do the stars hotels?

What do the stars hotels? World Tourism News

What do the stars hotels?

For many tourists, both experienced and beginners, the main criterion for selection is the number of hotel stars. As is well known, “stardom” hotel is the level of service and comfort, the more stars, the rates are higher.

But what exactly should be in a hotel or a 1 star, say, 4 stars hotel, few people accurately imagines. Moreover, it is not necessary, choosing a hotel, to rely only on this one indicator, it should be taken into account in addition to the hotel its location, the area, the remoteness of the places where you aspire to visit.

Sometimes hotels do not come completely honest – provide information about itself in travel agencies, escorting her huge list of various services, which is why an ordinary tourist do arise opinion that for less money it receives a much higher level of service than in other similar hotels. For example, each room of the hotel 3 stars, compulsorily equipped with air conditioning, shower/bath, toilet. No public sanitary rooms should not be at all – it is inherent in only One-Star and Two-Star Hotels.

Stars hotels

Experienced travelers stars hotels can say a lot, going to booked a certain class of hotel they will know that, for example, do not need to take on the road with toiletries and a hairdryer, do not be puzzled finding a fitness club and parking, as the use and the and others included in the room rate. On the other hand, it can be a good idea to save on accommodation, if you do not use the car, want to thoroughly rasprobovat delights of local cuisine – choose a hotel with no parking and the restaurant, while the rest of the Equal Opportunities service of a hotel will be cheaper.

Hotels 1 star

1 star hotels are designed for down-home public, which counts on the shower and bed. However, this does not mean that 1 star hotels should be ignored when choosing a place of stay in the resort. Often, these hotels are located in the historic cities of Europe in the old and beautiful buildings. Disposition of such facilities can not provide the location of a bathroom in each room or the restaurant at the hotel. However, on a mandatory basis in one star hotel room should be a mirror, towel, sink; daily cleaning and linen change not less than once every five days.

Hotels 2 stars

2 star hotel like the One-Star for its standards, added that if the institution of the fifty rooms have to be a dining room, a toilet is provided at least one of five rooms. Of the additional services on a mandatory basis should be dry cleaning and laundry services that can not be located within the hotel. The concierge will take care of sending them to the laundry and return back to the room during the day.

Hotels 3 stars

Hotels 3 stars category-This is the most numerous and varied. This is the usual hotel complexes, and individual hotels, and private designer rooms, hotels and the world’s networks. Due to the optimal price-quality ratio, these hotels are the most popular with tourists of all countries. The level of comfort in a 3 star hotel far exceeds the previous two options. The rooms include a bathroom / shower, toilet, air conditioning, refrigerator and television. At the discretion of the administration can be a landline phone in the room, bar and restaurant. The three-star category is regulated by the availability of free and guests free access to fax, copier, computer, internet, also at their disposal at the hotel provide the opportunity to order tickets and currency exchange. Room service is carried out exclusively in the daytime.

Hotels 4 and 5 stars

Hotels 4 and 5 stars offer, of course, the highest level of service and comfort and an extensive range of services. Hotel 5 stars is not much different from a 4 star hotel, and if you want to save a little – choose the second option. The differences in the amount of rooms in the hotel – in five-star it more, views from the windows of hotels of 5 stars, tend to be more presentable, the menu in the hotel restaurant 4 stars slightly weaker, but if you are not such a great gourmet – choose the fourth category. In addition, the five-star special rooms are provided for conferences and meetings of business partners, technically equipped with everything necessary. Also in such hotels usually have swimming pools, gyms, hairdressers and beauty salons. The rooms are served around the clock, and in the rooms themselves one must have a toilet, shower en-suite facilities, TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, fresh linen, towels and dressing gowns.

But do not forget that at stardom, as well as its price, may not always correspond to reality. Much depends on the host country, the manager of the hotel owner. In any case, reservations should focus on their specific needs – if you prefer a beach holiday – try to trim a hotel close to the sea, if you are a fan of excursions and antiquities – prefer a hotel room in the old part of the city. Pay attention to the availability of public transport nearby, restaurants and other establishments that may be needed during their stay in the town. The only drawback is the highest category of hotels room rates, but for the majority of tourists who lodge in them, a special role is not playing.

One last tip for choosing the hotel – of course, it is best to go on the recommendation of their relatives or friends – in this case, you will be sure one hundred percent what to expect from your temporary residence. As an option – to read reviews on the Internet at specialized forums, tourist sites and social networks.

What do the stars hotels?
Description of categories of hotels 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 and 5 stars. How to Save and choose a good hotel to fit your needs. What services are offered by hotels of different categories.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 05/17/2016
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