Ostende resort

Ostende resort

The main entertainment center in Belgium is considered to be the resort of Ostend. Its length – it’s sea coast from the border with France to the Netherlands.

The tourist infrastructure on the coast is very well developed – this is due to the fact that the status of the resort of Ostend is fixed for a long time, even from the XIX century, it is considered one of the elite in Europe, make up only rivalry he Deauville and resorts in the kingdom of Monaco.

Ostend beach

With its broad white beaches, Ostend attracted not only the royal family and the King, who previously had his residence here, and representatives of many European noble clans. Now, the residence opened luxury hotel with a luxurious restaurant.

Ostend is just a few kilometers from the capital city of Bruges in Belgium, which can be reached by a specially dug canal water or on the train. Here are the international airport that serves as a resort, and the capital, the sea and marina, where yachts moor with many lovers of sea travel. The resort of Ostend developed rail links, the resort has the longest tram line in the world, with length of 67 km with 69 stops!

quiet bay for yachts

Ostend Beach is unique in the first place its width. Plain sand coastal area here is about 100 meters, passing places in the sand dunes of up to three kilometers wide – wonderful places for recreation, games, sunbathing.

Lovers of underwater fauna Ostend offers to visit the huge aquarium, in which assembled representatives of the animal world of the North Sea. Near to the aquarium is an old sailing vessel “Mercator”, which is now a museum.


In Belgium, not prohibited from gambling, Ostend has not remained aloof from such an attractive business. Who wants to try their luck and get a shot of adrenaline can meet their needs at the racetrack “Wellington” or in a casino, “Kurhaus”.

Ostende resort
Rest on the Belgian resort of Ostend. Entertainment, excursions, attractions Ostend beach. Ostend is just a few kilometers from the capital city of Bruges in Belgium.
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Date Published: 05/29/2016

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