The resort of Costa del Maresme

The resort of Costa del Maresme

The resort of Costa del Maresme takes almost forty kilometers north-east of Catalonia and is located in an area between two well-known all over the world in places – Barcelona, the historical homeland of Catalonia, known for its sporting traditions, the children’s sports school in Barcelona, one of the best in world football and the famous resort of Costa Brava, famous for its “wild coast”.

Picturesque places on the coast of Costa del Maresme, which is located between the river Tordera, Montnegre Corredor nature reserve and mountains of Sierra and Sierra Marina makes it attractive for a variety of holidays. The resort of Costa del Maresme successfully combines frenzy noisy tourist hangouts with peace and tranquility.

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This place will appreciate the fans of outdoor activities. Endless possibilities for walking along the forest trails will give cheerfulness and positive. Tired of trekking, you can join those who are on the contrary, she loves to lie on the beach, literally sinking knee-deep in the yellow sand of the Costa del Maresme.

The amazing beauty of the resort area is hidden in the most unexpected places, in a picturesque bay, filled with original landscapes. The climate in this part of Catalonia is temperate, summers are warm and dry, alternating soft and hard winter.

It is a prestigious and well-established resort of Costa del Maresme has a number of excellent modern hotels with the highest level of service, a variety of different sports facilities for recreation, and for a leisurely golf and leisurely riding. And, of course, many come here just to enjoy the sun, sea and unusually fresh mountain air.


Tourists are happy to enjoy the beauty of the architecture of the Costa del Maresme. Such cities as Matar?, Canet, Arenys, Argentona de Mar are full of historical monuments. Take the time to also look Malgrat, Alella, Sant Andreu de Lyavaneras. Calella is the tourist capital, deserves special attention. At this point, the most eco-friendly beaches are marked with blue flag of quality – it is the beaches of Calais and El Masnou.

There are many other places to stay in the resort, which can give you their charm, such as Pineda, Sant Pol de Mar, prize de Mar. Visit the resort of Costa del Maresme and choose your Spanish paradise!

The resort of Costa del Maresme
A variety of recreational and entertainment programs on the Costa del Maresme. The best beaches of Catalonia, attractions and photos of the Costa del Maresme.
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Date Published: 05/13/2016

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