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In Indonesia, no tipping. Best resorts

In Indonesia, no tipping.

Resorts of Indonesia. Climate.

The climate of Indonesia is tropical, humid places. Separated by two seasons: dry (March to October) and the rainy season (November to February). The average annual temperature – + 26-28 0C. In the mountains, the temperature is about 20 ° C. The coldest month – June, but during the day is very warm even in the month, the temperature is 26 ° – 28 ° C. The wet season in Indonesia runs from late November to February, the rains often go early in the morning or at night, it’s just refreshes and does not interfere with recreation. Tropical showers – no longer than 1 hour per day.

Population and traditions.

Indonesia’s population belongs to the two races: South Asian – Mongoloid (96%) and the Papuan-Melanesian (4%). Total in the country – up to 367 ethnic units. Modern ethnologists believe that in the XX century. developed indonesian national community – a single multi-ethnic Indonesian nation. In Indonesia – up to 583 languages and dialects of indigenous ethnic groups. They belong to the Malayo-Polynesian and Papuan language families. Of the European languages, English is the most common, which replaced the Dutch. On the small island of Java live 59% of the population. Socio-economic development of regions is so different, that is a string of formations – from the Neolithic and tribal system to capitalism in Java and in other developed regions. Accordingly, an extremely wide range and employment. Conditions of work in modern factories, plantations and forest exploitation in the mining industry, which uses the latest technologies (Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan), do not go to any comparison with traditional primitive methods of rice cultivation, livestock and poultry farming, hunting , fishing and gathering in the most backward outlying areas.


Art of the peoples of Indonesia multifaceted. This traditional orchestras: the gamelan of Java and Bali (to 80 musicians, instruments – mainly drums), xylophones kolintang and angklung. Equally fascinating multifaceted theatrics using bulk (timber) and plane (leather) puppets displayed directly or projected shadows to the light from the back side of the screen. Their stories are taken from the classical heritage (the epic “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata” in Javanese interpretation), the history of the spread of Islam or of folklore. An unforgettable impression “wayang orang” – theater actors in wooden masks or without them (ketoprak Java, Jakarta and lenong ludruk East Java) and thoroughly modern professional theater poet, playwright, director Rendry with pieces on the topic of the day. Magnificent ballets based on the “Ramayana”. They performed to the accompaniment of gamelan in the open air during the full moon at the temple complex of Prambanan. Popular dance palace Principalities of Yogyakarta and Surakarta. An extremely varied and colorful sacred dance of Bali. Very exotic folklore dances and songs of different peoples of Indonesia.

Balinese cuisine, liberally seasoned with spices. The most popular dishes of fish and seafood under all sorts of sauces (from sweet to Fire Island) with a side dish of boiled rice and grilled vegetables; soups, vegetables or lentils; dishes of chicken and beef, and of course, desserts with tropical fruits and sweet rice. The most popular dishes are: “Baliguling” suckling pig on a spit, “Bebektutu” duck with spices, wrapped in banana leaf, ‘gado-gado “boiled soybeans with vegetables in peanut sauce,” Mi goreng’ fried noodles, “Nasigoreng” rice, fried on palm oil, “sate” meat or chicken on wooden skewers (served with peanut sauce), ‘Pisang Molen “or” Pisang goreng’ fried bananas in the test. Try seafood: shark fin soup and lobster, fish of all kinds, as well as oysters, giant shrimp, etc. Dine in the fishing village of Jimbaran, where the majority of tables restopanov located on the ocean, with a wonderful view. Seafood served with rice, which is already included in the price. Try the fresh juice of avocado with chocolate syrup, desserts, cocktails of exotic fruits. Many restaurants have a free taxi service (availability of such services is necessary to clarify the information in the restaurant).

The shops.

Stores in Indonesia operate from 10.00 to 18.00, large 22.00 from Monday to Saturday, on Sunday before lunch. Hit the local tourist market disintegrated, where you’ll find exotic fruits, vegetables, seasoning for various dishes, spices, etc. On the markets, shops and small shops agreed to bargain. The most popular purchases – jewelry, tableware made of silver and nacre, basketry. The most beautiful articles of wood – fine wood carvings by local artists is one of the most famous in the world. Women’s clothing (natural fabrics, European styles, good quality, low price), the men’s national dress, home textiles. The real work of art is batik – hand-painted fabric, subjected to multiple color and heat-treated, turns into a painting, saturated colors that are not afraid of no moisture or scorching sun. Particular attention should be paid decoration handmade silver jewelry made from freshwater pearls, you will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity and value of products. Coffee, green tea from Java and much more you can get only in Bali. You should take additional items of luggage or you will have an excuse to buy a new suitcase. Souvenirs Ceramics, textiles, wood carving and stone jewelry from Bali are known worldwide. Most likely, the paintings and sculptures of wood will not leave you indifferent. Our advice – consult with a guide or company representative, where wise to buy them. So you can avoid counterfeiting. On the island there are many types and varieties of wood, and the layman is difficult to distinguish from ordinary Ebony, painted black. You might pay a few dollars more expensive, but will be sure of the quality.


Tips for travelers: – In order to avoid trouble with the stomach drinking water need to buy only bottled. – To prevent insect bites, use insect repellents. – In places where the coral should swim in rubber slippers (corals cause very painful wounds in which infection can get). -. It is recommended (not required if you do not intend to travel outside the tourist areas, in sparsely populated areas and the jungle) vaccination against hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, malaria (if you plan to travel on small islands or in remote corners of the country’s present condition is not It applies to Jakarta, Bali and Java Islands). – In Indonesia, it is impossible to show someone the finger. It is strictly forbidden to touch the head Indonesian. – Avoid displays of affection in public, you can not put your foot on the leg, putting his foot in someone’s side, talking about politics, shouting and angry. – Indonesia predominantly Muslim country, and you should not wear too short shorts and skirts, sun without the top of the leotard. In public institutions and mosques, clothing should cover the knees. – Do not eat with your left hand in Indonesia! By tradition, the left hand is to be rinsed after bowel movements. Therefore, Indonesians, not only do not eat with your left hand, but do not pass anything to her. – Arriving in Indonesia, you will find yourself in the humid tropics, so stock up shirts, blouses and underwear at the rate of 2-3 shifts a day. Laundry (for a fee), you will provide your hotel. – In Indonesia, no tipping.

Resorts of Indonesia
Stores in Indonesia operate from 10.00 to 18.00, large 22.00 from Monday to Saturday, on Sunday before lunch. Hit the local tourist market disintegrated, where you'll find exotic fruits.
Best resorts
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Date Published: 01/07/2016
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