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The most famous resort in India, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year, is Goa. It is easily accessible by plane from Bombay and is one of the most developed resorts in India, where the sandy beaches are always illuminated by the sun due to the peculiar position of coastline. The most famous beaches of Goa are Vagator, Baga, Candolim, Anjuna, Calangute, and they are drawn by a continuous line. Goa is very popular are active water sports: it’s parasailing, and windsurfing, and sailing and diving.

Vagator Beach Goa
The resort of Goa India can rest absolutely any tourist, choosing a property near the beach. It can be removed and a room in an expensive hotel, and a normal room in a hostel. Goa Culture absorbed the traditions of the Portuguese who came here during the settlement of the Portuguese for over 4 centuries. Church and surrounded by whitewashed villages and rice fields.

Goa Church
Resort India Goa was formerly a Portuguese colony, and in 1962 resort became 25 states of India. There is also Old Goa, which lies near the modern capital city of Panaji. Goa is one of the best resorts in the world, no one travel company, which would not offer tours in Goa. Here you can find everything that is associated with quality rest: it is near the sandy beaches of the Arabian Sea, and the freshness of the tropics, and attractions in the form of ancient monuments, and the mixing of different cultures, which gave impetus to the emergence of a kind of tradition.

Panaji city
In India, quite mild climate, because the temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius in the warm season, and above 27 degrees. Holidays in Goa resort all year round is possible due to the monsoons, which are observed here in June and August. For those who want to combine relaxation with sea water treatments, the resort of India will also be suitable. Here, his development was Ayurveda. It is a system of philosophical and medical knowledge, which includes teaching about disease prevention and healthy lifestyles, the doctrine of the human temperament. It treats the person as a whole, its mind, spirit, physical condition – should be in harmony and they all depend on each other.

Resort India – Mumbai

The city-resort, which is considered the gateway to India, Indian, and even Hollywood Manhattan – is Mumbai. It attracts with its diverse architecture, chic high-rise buildings, colonial mansions, major corporate offices and apartments of locals. Mumbai is still sometimes referred to as Bombay, is the center of the Indian film industry, where they filmed more than 150 films a year.

Mumbai India
Of course, at this resort in India, which is also a major commercial and economic center of the country, you can find a lot of five-star hotels, as well as ordinary bungalow. This makes it possible to judge that the resort will be able to find accommodation people with any level of income. Mumbai is located in western India, the resort has grown on the islands, which are interconnected by dams.

Apollo Bandar in Mumbai
In the shopping malls of India Resort Mumbai sell exclusive clothing and jewelry. There is a well-known markets in which really sells absolutely everything, even diamonds. Among these markets can be emphasized, such as Fashion Street, Linking Road, Bandra and Colaba.

Resort India – Delhi

In fact, a huge number of resorts in India, and to describe everything the benefits, history and attractions of each of them is not enough even months. Among these resorts can distinguish Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Mandawa, Udaipur and many others. If we talk about Delhi, it may be noted not only as a resort in India, but also as the capital of the country. It is a city with a thousand years of history and culture. Here you can touch the masterpieces of the history of culture, which lasts for centuries.

Mandawa Resort Delhi
City Resort India is divided into two parts – the Old Delhi and New Delhi. In the old city there are more medieval buildings, oriental exoticism, narrow streets and local special flavor. New Delhi can note a larger number of administrative buildings, offices, hotels, and in general, more advanced civilization. Tourists often travel to visit the restaurants and nightclubs, as well as go on a field trip was to New Delhi, but the old town attracts those who like to dive into the culture of another country in its original form.

Resorts India
India - famous city of Mumbai, which remove hundreds of films a year, and the beaches of Goa, and infrastructure, exotics combined with the prospects of big cities.
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Date Published: 03/04/2016
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