Attractions Andorra

Attractions Andorra Places to Go

Attractions Andorra

Andorra – a small country with many attractions, located between the big countries such as Spain and France. By car you can drive around the country for half an hour. The state is a Catholic, and the impact on its traditions have two countries with which it borders. That is why customs Andorra original and unique. In addition to the many attractions that can be proud of Andorra, it boasts the lowest crime rate in Europe, because the population adheres to conservative views and live by their traditions.

Attractions in the capital of Andorra

In Andorra, despite its small area, there is a sufficient number of attractions. The pride of the country considered its ski resorts in the Pyrenees axis, they can compete with the rest in the snowy mountains of France, the Czech Republic or Switzerland. The capital of Andorra – Andorra la Vella is also considered a landmark of the country. It is a picturesque town located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. It was founded in the 9th century BC. Since then there is the old architecture, which are carefully protected by the state, the whole town is a landmark of Andorra.

La Vella

Buildings in the capital of Andorra preserved even in the Middle Ages. Here are the church of St. Arminola, Santa Coloma, Santuario de Meritsel. They carried out the service to this day, although all of them were founded in the 9th century. Parliament Palace on the Plaza la Poble, which houses the State Theatre and the Academy of Music, is also considered a landmark of the capital of Andorra. Country captivates tourists wonderful landscapes, a mild climate, small local shops and fascinating original culture.

Castles and churches like Andorra attractions


In Andorra, speak several languages, the main official language here is considered to be Catalan, he is related to the Spanish and Ukrainian. Also, in some parts of Andorra speak Spanish, French and English. The sights of Andorra may include, for example, d’Enklar Castle. It is located at an altitude of 1126 meters above sea level. From this height with the castle offers wonderful views, hence remarkably visible village of Santa Coloma. The village also could be called a landmark Andorra.

d’Enklar Castle has always belonged to the Counts Urgelskim. Today the palace is open to visitors as well as the Church of Santa Coloma. In the church there are sculptures of Our Lady of Mercy, made of wood. There is also often allowed tourists to the necropolis, where excavations are today. Here you can see the ruins of old buildings. Since Andorra is considered a rich country geographically, except for cultural monuments, there are many natural attractions, as well as seating areas, built by human hands.

Recreation Complex – Landmark Andorra

One of the attractions of Andorra may well be regarded as a health Caldea in Escaldes. Here, rest and undergo prophylactic those procedures, who is a fan of hot springs. After Caldea – is one of the best thermal baths in Western Europe, which covers an area of around 600 square meters covered with mineral springs, which beat out of her bowels.

Caldea Spa

This attraction of Andorra holds a more than 10 pools with thermal water of different temperatures. There are the usual swimming pools and those that create a massage effect. Massage can be passed in the classical sense of the word, visiting a massage parlor. There are organized cascades and waterfalls built jacuzzi bath and sauna, there are geysers and solarium. The resort can be considered truly a feast for body and soul, moral harmony and physical health. The resort built restaurants, a tennis court, a shopping center and bars. Attractions Andorra – it is natural monuments and architectural masterpieces, but only once visited this cozy and welcoming country, you will want to return here again and again.

Attractions Andorra
Andorra is rich with its thermal springs, as well as it can compete with Switzerland on the number and level of service to the ski resorts. There are cathedrals and churches, castles and monasteries, and in the capital la Vella simmering.
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