The flights skiers 250 meters can be seen in Slovenia

The flights skiers 250 meters can be seen in Slovenia

The final stage of the World Cup season 2016-17’s to fly jumping will be held in late March in the Slovenian Planica. The main events take place on the weekend of 25 and 26 March. On Saturday the team competition will be held, and on Sunday – the individual who will be the climax of the season. However, fans can also visit the stadium on 23 and 24 March, when there is scheduled training jumps and qualifications.

Competitions will take Planica ski center and a giant trampoline Letalnica bratov GoriĊĦek HS 225 – the largest of the eight, furnished in the stadium and one of the highest in the world. Record jump belongs to the local “flying skiers” Peter Prevc. In 2015, he flew to 248.5 meters. In the world there are only three jump that height, the other two are in Oberstdorf, Germany and Norway Vikersund, but because the competition in Planica can be called unique.

Traditionally, each event becomes noisy celebration for fans of flight from the springboard. These are mainly tourists from Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Norway – that is where the sport is developed particularly well.

Tickets are sold at a reduced price until 5 March. Entrance to the stadium for an adult – 23 euros for children – 3 euros for a comfortable grandstand – from 45 to 60 euros. Then the price will rise to 29, 5 and 55-75 euros respectively.

A free shuttle bus for the fans will be running between the neighboring resort of Planica and Kranjska Gora. The nearest railway station is in Jesenice, from it to the Kranjska Gora will need to get on the bus. Distance from Planica to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana – 91 km. The nearest airports are located in Ljubljana, Trieste and Klagenfurt.

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