British tourists take with them not only tea, but kettles too

British tourists take with them not only tea, but kettles too

Half of the tourists from Britain are taking into a trip tea bags, and every fifth packs the in suitcase kettle too – such are the results of a survey conducted by the railway company Eurostar.

The study showed that the British are trying to capture the trip as much as possible the details of home comfort – 36% of respondents take with them their slippers, 23% carry your favorite pillow, and 15% is laid, even the blankets that cover almost the entire suitcase. According to Daily Mail, among the answers of tourists caught extravagant – for example, someone carries with him the armor, while others will not part with the Olympic torch, or microwave.

It was also found that in a week-long trip to travelers age 25-34 take with them, on average, six gadgets. About a third of men carry with a hairdryer. British heavy luggage so that on average they have to pay more than 32 pounds (42 euros) for the advantage. In this third of travelers said they are trying to take fewer things, but still 21% of respondents said that the most difficult pieces of clothing put on ourselves to facilitate baggage.

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