Tourists often make wills before holiday

Tourists often make wills before holiday

Tourists often make a will before you go on a trip. The sharp increase in the number of wills before the holiday is fixed after the terrorist attacks in popular tourist spots, and after the crash, for example, after the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing. Many make special wills are valid only if a tourist had an accident abroad.

According to British newspaper Daily Mail, according to statistics, tourists come to the lawyers about wills for about two weeks prior to departure. However, such an important issue it is necessary to take care in advance. Lawyers are advised to prepare a document for the two months before the intended trip, that was the time to settlement of all formalities.

If tourists seriously concerned about the danger to die on the trip, he stands before his departure to arrange their financial affairs, appoint an executor, saying he wishes on the funeral arrangements, as well as to inform loved ones that drafted the will. Also, do not interfere with the general power of attorney to any family member, so that it can deal with formalities in case the traveler falls into a coma.

And, of course, we must not forget about insurance with adequate coverage, which provides transportation of the body of the deceased to his homeland – it is usually quite expensive.

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