The interesting facts about Bali

The interesting facts about Bali
Bali – the magnificent Indonesian resort where everyone will be able to find for itself(himself) the favourite vacation spot. Already many years the island are among the most visited resorts of the world, and the sunbathed and happy tourists come back here again and again!

The interesting facts about Bali
  • 1. On the island there is a set of shops where isn’t present defined the price for goods. If at you are able to bargain, then suggested price can be reduced several times!
  • 2. The motorcycle to Bali can be leased for only $60 a month or $4 a day.
  • 3. Bali is famous for the low prices and tasty food. Perfectly it is possible to eat for only $1.5 here.
  • 4. Wild monkeys on the island are unforgettable emotions for tourists.
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  • 5. The greatest number of tourists arrives from Australia, Japan and China.
  • 6. On average Bali visits more than 2.5 million tourists a year.
  • 7. Most of the population works in the sphere of tourism which is the main branch of economy of the Indonesian province.
  • 8. For once in Bali ATMs it is possible to remove slightly more than $300.
  • 9. Inhabitants of Bali meet New year according to a calendar Saky (the Indian lunar calendar) in very unusual way: day and night pass in silence, nobody leaves the house, and all public institutions, shops and offices are closed. It is all about a legend which says that if in New year demons don’t hear people, then leave, without having inflicted the evil, – the interesting fact.
  • 10. The area of the island makes 5780
  • 11. The prices of the budgetary housing begin from $10, and at rent for the long term (week or month) – is even cheaper. The whole house in Ubuda (the city of yogis) can be rented for only $450 a month here.
  • 12. To Bali people are divided into 4 castes, as well as in India. Brahmen – the highest caste on the island, her representatives are engaged in spiritual education and religion. Shudra – ordinary Balinese workers. They make more than 75% of the population of the island.
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  • 13. Language to Bali depends on a caste, and usually is divided into 3 levels: noble, average and simple. It is impossible to address the person, without having pointed at the same time to his caste.
  • 14. The highest point of the island is the volcano of Gunung-Agung. Its height makes 3142 meters. His eruption is considered anger of gods and a harbinger of the worst times. At a foot of a volcano the main sanctuary of Bali – the temple of Pura Besakikh which is called mother of all temples, – the interesting fact is located.
  • 15. The resident population of the island makes about 4 million people.
  • 16. To Bali there is a ceremony of rounding of upper teeth which most of all remind canines and teeth of animals. It is not just a tribute to centuries-old traditions, and disposal of the person of animal signs and suppression of the evil in the person 6 of sins, mortal to Bali: lusts, greed, anger, grief, arrogance, envy and alcoholism.
  • 17. Interesting fact: usually cutting of teeth becomes before the introduction of the person in conjugal ties and even if the person has died.
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  • 18. The most important and irreplaceable product to Bali is rice. It is considered that it is food of gods therefore he is present at all holidays, rituals and ceremonies. Also rice protects from evil spirits and gives harmony with the nature.
  • 19. Most of the population – 85% profess Hinduism, more than 13% – Islam, and Christians are about 2%, – the interesting fact.
  • 20. Favourite entertainment of Balineses are cockfights. Combative roosters are loved by not less children, they live in the house and is honourable sit on a lap at the owner.
  • 21. After divorce of the woman have no rights for children, and only those things with which have come to the house of the husband can take away.
  • 22. Interesting fact: the climate is divided only into two seasons here: rain (winter-spring) and dry (summer-fall).
  • 23. Inhabitants of Bali very much make thrifty use of the right hand and consider it as sacred part of a body. It is possible to eat, transfer objects and to take something only the right hand. Otherwise, it can lead to huge troubles.
  • 24. All in the territory of the island more than 19.5 thousand temples are built!
  • 25. The most popular sport to Bali is windsurfing. Many years from around the world there come fans of this sport.
  • 26. Around the world the island is known as “the last paradise on the earth”!
The interesting facts about Bali
Article contains tens of the interesting facts about a far heavenly spot of our planet, about the resort of Bali. You are expected not only by the facts, but also a photo.
Interesting facts
Written by: inkas
Date Published: 04/17/2016

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