The interesting facts about Monaco

The interesting facts about Monaco Interesting facts

The interesting facts about Monaco

Monaco – one of the most popular pastime of the rich and just gamblers. This country has beautiful sights that attract millions of tourists annually.

Interesting facts about Monaco

  • 1. Monaco is called “city-state”, which means that the population of the country lives in one city.
  • 2. Interesting fact: Monaco’s name comes from the Greek colony under the name «Monoikos». colony name is derived from two Greek words: “Monos”, which means “one” and “oikos” which means “house.” Literally, the name means “the only (one) house.”
  • 3. The Principality of Monaco – the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican!
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  • 4. Interestingly Monaco: the total area of this tiny country is about 2 km2!
  • 5. Monaco has a population of 30,586 according to July 2010.
  • 6. The density of population is the largest in the world. At the moment it is 15 293 people per km2.
  • 7. The official religion is Catholicism, but the constitution provides for freedom of other religions.
  • 8. An interesting fact: in the principality home to more than 80% foreigners.
  • 9. Euro, the official currency in Monaco since 2002.
  • 10. The Principality has a small army of just over 100 people!
  • 11. Permanent residents of Monaco are only 20% of the total population. The remaining 80% – visiting tourists, businessmen and rich people.
  • 12. An interesting fact that France is responsible for the safety of Monaco in the event of an attack on her from the other country.
  • 13. The official language of Monaco is French, but the most popular English and Italian.
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  • 14. The flag of Monaco – one of the oldest flags in Europe, its shape and color nearly identical to the Indonesian flag.
  • 15. Since 1497 and today the principality ruled by the Grimaldi dynasty. They are well able to develop gaming and tourism, which brings huge profits for the country and for the Grimaldi family in particular.
  • 16. The number of the Principality of Monaco National Orchestra exceeds the number of troops.
  • 17. Interesting fact: The citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble, and even to visit the casino, is only the guests and visitors a rich people.
  • 18. Monaco only 20 minutes a day can fly by helicopter.
  • 19. Monaco Interesting fact: the country has a stadium “Louis II» and its football team.
The interesting facts about Monaco
Before you take a tour in Monaco, we offer to get acquainted with the interesting facts of this wonderful country in our article.
Interesting facts
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Date Published: 04/29/2016
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