Interesting facts about Amsterdam

Interesting facts about Amsterdam Interesting facts

Interesting facts Amsterdam

Before you go and get acquainted with Amsterdam and its attractions, it is necessary to get acquainted with useful advice and interesting facts of the city.

Interesting facts about Amsterdam

  • 1. Amsterdam – big city and the capital of the Netherlands.
  • 2. The Parliament of the Netherlands, and all government is not in Amsterdam (capital of Netherlands) and in The Hague.
  • 3. For the first time about Amsterdam was mentioned as early as 1275, when the dam was built that protected areas from flooding. The dam was built on the Amstel River. Since then the city and so came to be called “AmstelDam”. Before our time the name remained, and this is the eighth century Amsterdam is the largest trading port and capital of the Netherlands.
  • Amsterdam - the capital of the bicycle

  • 4. An interesting fact that Amsterdam is in sixth place, as the biggest capital city in Europe.
  • 5. In Amsterdam is the largest stock exchange in the world.
  • 6. Amsterdam called the Venice of the North, because it has more than 150 channels and 1200 bridges. Be sure to take a tour of the sights of Amsterdam and take a boat trip through the city!
  • 7. In the city of more than 1 million bicycles and this number is increasing every year. Locals call Amsterdam – bicycle capital of the world. Interesting fact.
  • 8. Amsterdam is below sea level at 4 meters, it is completely built on stilts, with the help of huge interest rates, driven into the ground. If, due to global warming, the water level will rise strongly, then Amsterdam is the first city to be hidden under the water.
  • 9. Amsterdam Pride is a huge number of museums, which number more than any other city in the world! An interesting fact that in the capital, officially there are 51 museum. Rich is also the subject of museums. In a museum you will see ancient artifacts and works of famous artists. There is a museum, where you will tell and show the history of sex, and of course the history of marijuana, which has already become an integral part of the Dutch culture.
  • 10. Interesting fact: The Dutch, especially residents of the capital are the highest nation in Europe and the world’s growth in second place! The height of the average man is more than 180 cm, and the average woman’s height is 175 cm to 200 cm!
  • soft-drugs-in-the-Netherlands

  • 11. Amsterdam has one of the most famous red light district in the world with more than 500 boxes of prostitution.
  • 12. Every year in Amsterdam comes about 1000 new prostitutes, and the total number of women of easy virtue higher than 8000. In the red light district is forbidden to be photographed. Interesting fact that prostitution is taxed like other professions.
  • 13. Interesting fact: throughout the capital are more than 300 special cafes where you can buy soft drugs (marijuana, hashish)! In addition to soft drugs in Amsterdam, as well as throughout the Netherlands, nothing else is not allowed.
  • 14. Amsterdam was the first capital in the world where it is permitted to enter into same-sex marriages (permitted since 2001). The ability to place on record the marriage is currently provided gay and lesbian couples.
  • 15. An interesting fact, that in 2008 was banned tobacco smoking in cafes and restaurants, but smoking marijuana or hashish is absolutely allowed.
  • 16. Van Gogh Museum and the Kröller-Müller in Amsterdam are the largest in the world.
  • Amsterdam - the red-light street

  • 17. Amsterdam’s population is about 760 thousand people, and with suburban areas more than 2 million.
  • 18. In Amsterdam, is only 2 wooden buildings.
  • 19. Interesting fact: in the capital of the Netherlands is home to over 170 nationalities!
  • 20. Amsterdam area of 219.4 km2 and a population density of more than 4500 people per km2.
  • 21. Parks and nature reserves in Amsterdam constitute more than 12% of the total area of the city.
  • 22. Amsterdam – places full of sights a city that is very popular among tourists. Interesting fact: a year Amsterdam is visited by about 4.5 million tourists.
Interesting facts about Amsterdam
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