Amsterdam set the highest swings in Europe

The highest swings in Europe World Tourism News

The highest swings in Europe

A new attraction has appeared in Amsterdam – on the roof of the newly reconstructed A’DAM Toren tower at a height of 100 meters set a giant swing. Now tourists can get your adrenaline pumping at the highest swings in Europe, called the Lookout! ( “Watch out!”).

The most intrepid guests will receive a free digital photo and be able to visit an interactive art exhibition in the tower, dedicated to the history and culture of Amsterdam.

A’DAM Toren – 22-storey tower behind Amsterdam Central Station (Amsterdam’s Central Station), near the Centre of Cinematography, which resembles a spaceship. The official opening of the tower, which used to be called Shell Toren, held in 1971, and it served as a home to this well-known multinational oil company until 2009. The new name – A’DAM Toren – hidden abbreviation Amsterdam Dance and Music ( “Music and the Amsterdam Dance”).

In the tower there are panoramic trendy bars and restaurants (Madam, Moon et al.), The first seven floors occupies a boutique hotel Sir Adam Hotel with 110 rooms. According to the Tourist Office of the Netherlands, the viewing platform on the roof A’DAM Toren – a popular spot, overlooking the entire city, its historic center, the port and the famous canals.

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