Sights of Amsterdam

Sights of Amsterdam Places to Go

Sights of Amsterdam

Amsterdam – the biggest and beautiful city of the Netherlands. Beautiful canals of Amsterdam remind Venetian therefore it is often called northern Venice. Though it has also no global sights, but in it is full of the interesting museums, unusual landscapes, and a delightful view from the boat on other sights of Amsterdam will force you to fall in love with the capital of the Netherlands for the rest of life.

The royal palace – sight of Amsterdam

Royal palace Amsterdam

This most popular sight among tourists I Will allow to be in the center of Amsterdam on the square. The royal palace was built in 1648 emphasizing beauty and majesty of the capital. Specially picked up decorative sculptures, a rich interior and a classical facade made this sight of Amsterdam the biggest and most beautiful secular building of Europe of the 17th century. Now this majestic construction is used for formal receptions of heads of other states and other overseas officials therefore it is possible to get to the middle of this remarkable sight of Amsterdam only when there do not take place any official actions. So do not miss time when the Royal palace of Amsterdam is open for visit of tourists, otherwise you risk to lose an opportunity to sit in a chair where yesterday the president of the Netherlands visited.

Sight Vondelpark – the largest park of Amsterdam

Vondelpark – the largest park of Amsterdam

This park called in honor of the famous Dutch poet is one of the most popular sights of Amsterdam, and also the most known and beautiful park of Holland. Every year to this remarkable place there comes the enormous number of tourists – 10 million people. For all fans of passive rest sight Vondelpark is the ideal place. But that, the it is more to liking active recreation, can put on a sports suit, turn on the favourite music and will enjoy remarkable jog. Also there are special bicycle paths, it is possible to sweep on rollers, and at the same time to admire picturesque landscapes of Vondelpark – all favourite sight of Amsterdam.

The sight Van Gogh’s museum is obligatory for visit in Amsterdam tour

Van Gogh's museum

In this remarkable museum the huge collection of works of the world famous Netherlands artist Van Gogh is collected. It is interesting to know that in this place of Amsterdam more than 200 pictures, 500 drawings and 700 letters of Van Gogh, and also his own collection of the Japanese engraving are collected. Besides pictures written documents of the ingenious artist of the 19th century so you will be able to get acquainted with its some personal belongings are here too collected. Besides Van Gogh’s pictures, this sight of Amsterdam contains a huge number of works of other famous European artists and sculptors. There take place constant exhibitions so you will be able to examine various creativity of ingenious persons of the 19th century at any time.

The red light district – one of the best sights of Amsterdam

Red light district

If you prepared for travel across Amsterdam, then surely visit the Red light district. Even if you do not think to make love for money then just visit this smart sight. As here you will not feel such atmosphere anywhere in the world! In red light of lamps you will be met by girls and women of any age and races. It is not desirable to come on days off here, these days in this place of Amsterdam it is always full of the people, even locals do not go here as from tourists there’s not an inch of room. But you should not relax at once, the area also is the most criminal. This sight of Amsterdam just teems with small pickpockets and bandits. It is strange that this fact does not confuse tourists at all, even on the contrary forces more and more number of people to visit this town of Amsterdam.

Sight of Madame Tussauds, Amsterdam

Other not less popular sight of Amsterdam among tourists is the wax museum of Madame Tussauds. Present yourself an opportunity to be photographed with the most famous people of the planet even if with their wax copies. Are almost indistinguishable from the real people, moving copies will present you the sea of positive emotions and unforgettable feelings. So do not forget to enter this sight in the travel across Amsterdam.

Rembrandt’s house museum – the known sight of Amsterdam

Rembrandt's house museum

Rembrandt lived here within more than 20 years since 1639. Since then his house became popular sight of Amsterdam. In several years decided to make the museum devoted to life and work of the great Dutch painter and engraver Rembrandt van Rhea here. Here the impressive collection not only his pictures, but works of art of other artists contemporaries is presented. Also in this popular museum sight of Amsterdam there are works of pupils of the great master and his friends. In difference from Van Gogh’s house museum, Rembrandt’s museum are the restored artist’s apartments to a large extent, but not gallery.

Sights of Amsterdam
Study the list of the best sights of Amsterdam in our article! The detailed description and beautiful photos of Amsterdam will leave at you the best impression!
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Date Published: 04/07/2016
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