Attractions of Basel

Attractions Basel Places to Go

Attractions Basel

You have decided to take a trip to the beautiful Basel, Switzerland but do not know what to see? Where to go to relax? What attractions do you want to enter in your tour? The answers to all these questions can be found in our article!

Town Hall – the main attraction of Basel

Town Hall. attraction Basel

City Hall – this is one of the most prominent tourist spots of the city. From the distant 1290, it is the main political center of Basel and the place of important historical events. City Hall facade has a very attractive red color which immediately attracts admiring glances of tourists. For centuries, the attraction was completed several times and redesigned, but the main building of the town hall did not suffer changes and still pleases tourists of Basel with its unique architecture of late Burgundian Gothic.

The memo is located in the center of Market Square – a favourite vacation spot of locals. There it is always noisy and full of tourists with cameras who want to capture as many attractions as possible.

Basel Zoo – Tourist magnet

This zoo is one of the largest and most visited in Europe. It offers a wide variety of wildlife, rare plants and animals from around the world. Every year it is visited by more than 1.5 million people! On 14 acres of attractions you will find several independent systems. Most impressive are devoted to Australian wildlife “Australis” complex; “Vivarium” – an impressive aquarium with lots of species of fish and marine life; “House of primates” – a haven for gorillas, chimpanzees and other apes in West Africa. Also here is the “House of antelopes” and facilities for crocodiles and rare birds. At the zoo operates a large cafe where you can relax, eat ice cream and buy souvenirs.

Basel Art Museum – an impressive landmark

Zoo. attraction Basel

Fine Arts Museum (Museum of Art) is the most important cultural monument of the city. For hundreds of years it has gathered the largest collection of public art in Switzerland. Most of the works cover the period from the early Middle Ages to the works of XIX-XX centuries. The most valuable exhibits include the largest collection of the XVI century of the famous lawyer and collector Bazilius Amerbah.

In the courtyard you can see the sculpture of Auguste Rodin “Burghers of Calais” from which traditionally begins each tour of the museum. Exhibitions and presentations do not often take place here, so for Basel is an important and meaningful event!

Spalentor – Basel’s whole story

Spalentor (Gates of Spalen) – is one of the few remaining historical attractions. From the XIV century Spalentor consisted in a single defense system of the city along with the towers and walls. In the XIX century the whole complex was demolished with the exception of the gate. The authorities decided to restore and preserve the memo for future generations. Today it has the status of the object of national heritage and a major tourist landmark of Basel.Certainly you have to climb to the top of one of the towers where you will open stunning views of the Old Town.

Fountain Tengli – the symbol of Basel

Fountain Tengli. attraction Basel

This attraction was created by a talented artist and sculptor Jean Tengli in 1977. The main feature of this fountain is a non-standard technological approach with the use of complex mechanisms. The memo consists of several moving vehicles which ironically convey the complexity of a modern active lifestyle. Some fantastic mechanisms behave unexpectedly and you can be poured by water – it all depends on the water pressure and the position of the machine.

The fountain is located in Theatre Square – one of the main tourist spots of the city, so it quickly gained popularity and began to be included in the main city tours. Tourists appreciate properly the uniqueness of this attraction – Fountain enters the Top 5 Places in Basel.

Cathedral – the oldest memo

Basel Cathedral is one of the first major architectural projects of the city. It is made in the style of late-with strong gothic elements. Cathedral is perfectly complement the high tower of St. George and Martin. Itself is a reminder of the classic basilica with a corresponding interior frescoes and statues. The main shrine of the cathedral is the tomb of the greatest European humanist Erasmus.

Attractions Basel
Here you will get a lot of interesting information about the sights and popular tourist spots of Basel. Also at your disposal there is a beautiful photo of the city.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 03/24/2016
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