Attractions Birmingham

Attractions Birmingham Places to Go

Attractions Birmingham

Birmingham is the second most populous city and the industrial capacity of England. Here is focused a lot of interesting monuments and architectural masterpieces of the Industrial Revolution of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries. At this time Birmingham reached the greatest economic development and values in the country. Today we talk about the sights of the city and the best tourist places.

Chocolate attraction of Birmingham

Cadbury Factory

Birmingham has a wide range of tourist activities and entertainment for visitors and residents. One of these places is the Cadbury World. This is an amazing reminder of where anyone can learn the history of chocolate and see how it prepared. Cadbury Factory has a special exhibition center which hosts tours and excursions. After register on one of such you will learn how to grow cocoa beans, how they arrived in Birmingham and then turned into the chocolate. Also the workshops are opened, where visitors can purchase a wide range of Cadbury products at factory prices. So feel free to buy a ticket and go into the exciting world of chocolate Birmingham.

Birmingham boating

Birmingham boats

Few people know, but Birmingham erected on several broad channels. Now these waterways offer a great way to see the city and attractions. The convenient location of channels gives an excellent opportunity to see the center of Birmingham and tourist areas. At your disposal are large family boats and a boat for two. You can also order the guide which will tell you all the details and historical facts about the sights of Birmingham. This way of studying architectural beauty is very popular, so rush to book tickets on a romantic boat tour.

Entertainment in Birmingham

Karting Club

Karting Club is one of the most popular ways to have a good rest and have fun. For all who want a dose of adrenaline, there are 4 major highways, as well as small tracks for children. Don’t forget to visit the Karting Club to show themselves on sharp bends, pinch pedal to the metal and suppress the finish line first!

“Star City” – this is another product of globalization created specifically for the “lazy tourists” who do not want to go far to eat, have fun and buy something new. The town is developing every year expanding at the expense of different casinos, cinemas, bars and entertainment venues. In fact, this attraction was created in order to kill time.

Few people know, but Birmingham is a home for one of the oldest clubs in the UK – 7 times champion and winner of the FA Cup football club “Aston Villa”. There is also operating other professional club “Birmingham City” the history of which stretches since 1875.

House of Soviets – the pearl of Birmingham

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Government House is the central municipal landmark of the city, a typical representative of a widespread Birmingham Victorian architecture.The purpose of this arrangement was the placing of the city government, but the lack of funding for many years to prolong the building. Only in 1879, all the work was finished and the house of the Soviets in the central square was proud to be open to the public. After a few years it opened a terrific art gallery and museum. Luxury outdoor balcony that overlooks at the square Chamberlain still serves as a place for performances during the celebrations, parades and sports!

The central attraction – the Victoria Square

Victoria Square is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Birmingham. In the warm time of year the square does not fall asleep for a minute. During the day it is filled with locals, all kinds of excursions and satisfied tourists with cameras. At night you can see the young and curious tourists who want to explore all aspects of the life of an ordinary citizen of Birmingham. All are admiring the local sights and taking photos against the backdrop of the spectacular fountain, the well-known as the “Whore in the Jacuzzi» («Floozie in the Jacuzzi»). It is also pleasing to the eye bronze statue of Queen Victoria rising in the center of the square.

National Exhibition Centre. Birmingham

Museum of the pen

Annually in Birmingham held more than 180 international thematic exhibitions. All of them are in the national exhibition center! It is the largest one in the UK and the seventh largest in Europe. This gives a unique advantage at the same time to hold several exhibitions in different exhibition halls and thereby attract even more visitors. Attraction is all year, so you will not have problems with the answer to the question “What else to see?”

Museum of the pen. Birmingham attraction

Few people know, but not so long ago the city was to the world famous of technology of creating such a tool as a calligraphic pen. Visiting this place once, and you will know some of the oldest secret methods of making the best pen in the world. You will be able to see each stage of creation and learn the amazing story of calligraphy using pen and ink.

Attractions Birmingham
Birmingham is an industrial capital and the second largest city in England. Today you will find the best information about attractions and tourist areas of Birmingham.
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Date Published: 04/24/2016
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