Cheung Chau resort

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Cheung Chau resort

In the south-west of Hong Kong Island Resort is located Cheung Chau (Long Island). You can reach it from the capital on a ferry in less than an hour. Sand Island stretches in length, with both ends towering hills – bird’s-eye view it looks like a dumbbell. Despite its small area – it can get around on foot in a day – the island has about 20 000 inhabitants, not counting the tourists who come here to enjoy the beautiful sea and coastal views.

The traditional occupation of the local population – fishing. His catch of fishermen sold immediately tourists, locals, or sent to the local restaurants. Harbor Cheung Chau is constantly full of people, in the evening the tourists especially love to visit here – beautiful scenery at sunset are especially beautiful.

Bay Cheung Chau

The administration of the island is struggling for environmental cleanliness of the area, so in addition to public service vehicles you will not find here any other. But on Cheung Chau laid a large number of pedestrian streets and paths in parks, which can be carried out hiking and cycling around the perimeter of the island. Thanks to this relation to nature, into a plurality of island living creatures, which feels quite comfortable here. Singing birds, cicadas, frogs – the most common sounds of the island.

Vacationers come to the resort Cheung Chau on the weekend – this time the island’s population increased by several times. They take rent boats, yachts, fun restaurants and discotheques.

Traditional Chinese cuisine – seafood – served here in almost every restaurant. Exotic species of tropical fish, lobster, shrimp, clams, crabs in the most incredible sauces and variations are prepared in front of the visitors with fresh, still living sea creatures. Pleasantly surprised by the price of food – they are much lower than in similar restaurants in Hong Kong.
Walking through the souvenir shops and shopping, you can choose yourself and your family some exotic surprises, such as the decoration of dried seafood, shells, treat yourself to a strange Chinese sweets.

Cheung Chau Beach

Fans of beach holidays can fully enjoy the pleasures of the beaches of Cheung Chau, considered the cleanest in Hong Kong. There were developed beach sports, especially windsurfing, for which competitions are held here year-round. Much attention is paid to the safety of travelers and the possibility to find a lot of entertainment on the coast.

The main cultural attraction is Cheung Chau Pak Tai temple, built in 1783. temple architecture is traditional for Chinese tourists to visit it is allowed, with a completely free. Every year, on its territory is carried out so-called “Festival rolls”, dedicated to the birthday of Buddha. Residents and visitors make offerings to the deity in the form of sweet rolls. During the day on the island are massive carnival procession with songs and dances.

Also on the island there are several temples built in honor of the goddess-patroness of fishermen and sailors Tin Hau.

On the island of Cheung Chau resort there is another quite popular among tourists place – Pirate Cave. According to ancient legend, it hid their treasures looted by pirates. Some visitors are still trying to find there a couple of gold coins.

fishing boats

In the southeastern part of the island you can look at a miniature version of the Great Wall of China, stretching several hundred meters along the scenic.

Best Review Cheung Chau resort opens from the highest point of the island on a hill, where is the pavilion Beytao.
If you want to escape from the city and Hong Kong street noise, you want to feel the atmosphere of calm, tranquility, contact with nature – be sure to visit the resort island of Cheung Chau. The local nature, fresh sea air, help bring thoughts in order, to fill life with new meaning and new energy.

Cheung Chau resort
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Date Published: 05/17/2016
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