Island resort Bali

Island resort Bali

Known as the island of the gods, the resort island of Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and even today, despite the extensive development of tourism on the island, he was able to preserve their traditions, remained the same paradise with pristine nature, as well as thousands of years ago. Indonesian resort is decorated with several kilometers of sandy beach, which until now you only dreamed of, terraced rice fields, the turquoise sea, bright sun, tropical landscapes and friendly, hospitable people, providing the tourists unforgettable vacation.

Resort Bali is an island of volcanic origin. Its capital is the city of Denpasar, which is now home to about 3.5 million people, and which is visited by many tourists every year. It offers guests numerous festivals that are held throughout the year, excursions to the ancient temples, historical monuments, tropical forests and national parks.

Bali The resort is also famous for a variety of religious ceremonies, during which local churches are decorated with flowers, and the faithful worship their gods, performing traditional dances. Outside of the major cities in Bali continues to dominate rural life, the natives are engaged in agriculture and crafts.

sunset on the island of Bali

Bali offers guests a luxurious hotel complex, relaxation and pampering at the spa, watch the sun set in the restaurants and bars located along the most beautiful beaches in the world, sunbathe under the coconut trees on the beach.

The western part of the island resort of Bali quite mountainous in its territory is National Park. Most islanders live in the south and the coastal part of the island, which rises slowly to the foot of volcanoes. In the central area is an extinct crater of Kintamani Batur volcano, and next to it is the eponymous lake.

The main tourist spots of the exotic island of Bali

rice fields in Bali

The most famous tourist resorts are located in the tourist oasis of Nusa Dua. In Kut many hotels of all categories, which you can find in the villages located north of Kuta, such as Legian and Seminyak and south of it, in Tuban and Jimbaran. High waves is particularly suitable for those who love surfing. Snorkel over beautiful coral reefs will be especially pleased fans of scuba diving. On the island you can visit the so-called Demon Mouth – temple located at Goa Gajah, visit the unique rice fields and the famous temple Talalanga where on giving, there is a sacred fountain of youth. Bali is definitely a unique island, on the ground, where they still live the ancient traditions, where for a very reasonable price you can stay in luxury hotels, enjoy the excellent cuisine of Indonesian cooking.

Useful information and practical tips

For entry to Indonesia requires a visa, which can be obtained at the entrance to Indonesia or at the airport upon arrival in Bali. With a need to have a passport and entry tourist card, which you can get at the airport when entering the country. Price visa for about 25 USD, payable on site.

The island resort of Bali characterized by a typical tropical climate, with a very high temperature and humidity. The island is dominated by two seasons, namely in July with a minimum temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius. Winter temperatures on the island is slightly higher in the range of about 32 degrees Celsius, much more precipitation, which reached its peak in January and February. For mountain areas of Bali characterized by dry weather in the summer. The best time to visit the island – from April to September, but, of course, you can visit Bali at any time of year because the weather is always sunny and warm.

Batur volcano on Bali

Because the island resort has many rice fields, rice is the basis of almost every dish. Traditional products for Balinese cuisine – fried rice, seafood, peanuts, fresh tropical fruits.

On holiday in Bali should take light clothing, but if you plan to hike in the mountains, the peaks of the volcanoes, take some warm clothes. Take comfortable shoes are recommended sandals with good soles, which are suitable for the beach and for long walks.

On the resort island of Bali can be reached by plane or ferry, which runs from the neighboring islands of Java and Lambok. The main means of transportation is the bus, to guarantee the helicopter services are available. If you want to explore the island as much as possible, you can always rent a car, motorbike or bicycle. The roads in Bali are wide, flat, they are intended for the passage of a large amount of traffic. The movement of the left.

waterfall in Bali

To protect against the strong sun, use sunscreen, sunglasses and hats. Use them even if the weather is cloudy. Eat moderately and drink plenty of fluids. Before you go on holiday do not forget to take out insurance in order to avoid the potentially high costs associated with the possible diseases and injuries. If you feel unwell, seek the assistance of the medical staff, which is available in major hotels and tourist areas.

Island Resort Bali is a safe place for tourists. Here is a very low crime rate. However, caution should be exercised in dealing with personal belongings and documents. Valuables should be stored in a safe in the hotel. Leaving the hotel, take it with you as much money as you need at the moment, the rest of the money, credit cards and store valuables in the hotel.

Island resort Bali
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