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Ibiza Resort

This article presents only the most interesting and useful information about Ibiza – definitely a better resort in Spain. You will learn the history of the resort, are familiar with the best tourist destinations of Ibiza, as well as find out about the best beaches of this luxury resort.

About resort Ibiza

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For many years Ibiza has a reputation as the resort with the best clubs and beaches in Europe, the so-called “clubbing capital of Europe”. But this is only a small part of a unique resort, because the main charm lies in its perfect beaches, clear water, luxurious hotels and stunning landscapes. Also, Ibiza is known for its narrow, bustling streets, where it is constantly full of tourists. All the free time by visiting nightclubs and relaxing on the beach, tourists spend on these streets of Ibiza, which is full of luxury trendy sushi bars, shops and restaurants. The latter offer a wide range of delicious dishes from around the world. However, the most popular local fish dishes. Service in the restaurants of Ibiza are always very high, and the products are always fresh and high quality. On top of that, you can order Mexican, Chinese and Thai cuisine. But you, being such a luxury resort like Ibiza, must visit the local bars and Tapas serves delicious traditional cuisine of Ibiza, which are served in a variety of beautiful places, such as beaches or the sea in the quiet countryside.

Holidays in Ibiza

If I may say so, the convenience in Ibiza are waiting for you at every corner. You can read a good book or pamper yourself in the luxurious spa, where you will enjoy a wide range of treatments, massages and aromatherapy. You can also take a dip in the pool or relax at the outdoor jacuzzi. Almost all the hotels in Ibiza have sports fields, where you can compete with your friends in any game of your choice. In the evening, head to the bar and chat with friends or go to a club. During leisure, you simply have to visit the exciting performances, live music, fashion shows and corporate events.

Ibiza. Top attractions of the resort

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Ibiza is not just the title of a splendid place to relax, and the title of the resort with lots of fine attractions, view which will be a luxurious addition to our usual beach and leisure club in Ibiza.

Old Town – attraction of Ibiza

In the old medieval center of Ibiza in Ciudad de Ibiza we have survived almost all the narrow, cobbled streets, where many century tower picturesque white houses in the Gothic style. You will surely enjoy delightful gardens with bright blooming geraniums and bougainvillea, which has recently become an integral part of the resort of Ibiza. Old Town, in turn, has at least interesting sites. One of the most interesting and most visited attractions of the old town is the Archaeological Museum. It contains ancient artifacts found in the Punic period, even between V and VII century BC. e. In addition, in another part of the Old Town is the Gothic Cathedral of the X century, and the tower of the XVII century, built in the Baroque style. These structures are the oldest in the whole resort of Ibiza.

Archaeological Museum of Ibiza Resort

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Located on the resort’s Cathedral Square, the Archaeological Museum is one of the most popular attractions of Ibiza. Both outside and inside the museum is not inferior to known European archaeological museums, and the number of unique items even somewhat beyond them. Since 1907 (the year of foundation), and these days all over the resort of Ibiza has collected a huge number of ancient objects. The history of some of the stretches since prehistoric times, but mostly it exhibits V and VII century BC. e. History and explanation of all the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza is written in English and Spanish, so you will need to find a guide or an interpreter if you do not speak these languages. There is information that this popular attraction was built on the place of burial of about 4,000 people. Everyone knows that the adjoining area was subservient Carthage, so that one can not be surprised that the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza resort is so popular among tourists. Persistently I advise you to go to the resort and see the exhibits of this amazing museum.

Ibiza Resort
Here you will find many informative and interesting information about the beautiful resort of Ibiza.
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Date Published: 03/21/2016
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