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Israel – this is the Promised Land, is a wonderful and therapeutic Dead Sea, is a particular way of life of local residents, the hot climate due to the proximity to the desert. It was here that Moses led his people for 40 years, freeing them from slavery in Egypt. Here there is also the Red Sea, in which, as in the Dead, you can swim all year round. Lake Kinneret and the Mediterranean Sea – is also a body of water in Israel. Sea connecting the country with other states and cities, and to create a favorable atmosphere for the organization in this area a number of resorts for summer vacation travelers.

Sea in Israel


Israel – this is one of the few countries, which attracts people from all over the world. The history of this state is described in the Bible, I was born here, lived, died and resurrected Jesus Christ. It is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad. Several religions shrines filled with Israel, then Christianity, and Islam, and Judaism. Rest in Israel is best from October to April, this time there is no sweltering desert heat, from which only save the oases. The official languages in Israel, where most of the residents here said – this is Hebrew and Arabic, many people know Russian and English.

Tel Aviv Resort – the most famous in Israel

The most famous resort of modern Israel is Tel Aviv. The town’s name is translated from Hebrew as a hill of spring, it is also the largest city in the Promised Land, it is home to more than 1 million people. Besides the fact that this city is a center of finance, culture, sports, economy, he is also considered the center of recreation and entertainment of the country, one of the best resorts. In Tel Aviv, opened more than 47 hotels that can please the different level of comfort. There can find a place of rest and the most demanding traveler, and the traveler without pretensions.

Tel Aviv Resort

Tel Aviv night

Tel Aviv please kilometers of sandy beaches, turquoise clear water of the Mediterranean Sea, each hotel complex equip all sorts of amenities and entertainment for its guests, who come to this resort in Israel. You can also go fishing in the fishing port, sit in the outdoor caf?s, there is all sorts of clubs, pubs – and all this is in the territory with an ancient history and many echoes of those times in the city’s sights.

Eilat resort

Another famous resort of Eilat is Israel. It is located in the south of the country and is considered the pearl of the Red Sea, here at King Solomon built a fleet, here gathered pilgrims from the Christian and Muslim countries. This is a resort where you can relax all year round, even in winter because the temperature there is not less than 23. The resort is located near the Gulf of Eilat in the middle of the desert and surrounded by mountains, so it provides a high evaporation rate of water. And so the salt concentration in the Gulf is more than 4%. Such conditions made it possible to form in the area corals.

Eilat resort

Besides being able to spend at this resort a beach holiday, sunbathing and swimming, visitors get a chance to do water sports and to spend their holidays actively. Here is available windsurfing, diving, sailing and skating on sailing boats. Hotels in Eilat – a different level of comfort and service, so they were built to be accessible to people with different levels of wealth, and all provide a complete rest. The resort organizes exciting safari tours and excursions, the hotel is perfect for a family holiday.

Eilat resort

Vacations on the Dead Sea in Israel

We can not remember the rest of the near salty reservoir of the Earth, which only Israel is equipped with a number of resorts – is the Dead Sea. Those who have been here, left with an impression for a few years and want to come back here again, because only then will not sink even those who can not swim. The salt concentration is so high that the person bathing can constantly stay on the water surface. This natural phenomenon is in the desert and many historical sites. The predominant sea magnesium salt, whereas in other seas – is sodium. Lie down on the water in the sea – is a great way to rejuvenate, relax the muscles and improve the musculoskeletal system.

Israel Dead Sea

People with all kinds of skin diseases stay in the water of the Dead Sea will be very useful. But here it is not desirable to be more than 20 minutes, so as not to dry up the skin. After bathing, better take a shower immediately with fresh water in the shower on the beach. If you prefer to take a dip in one of the sulfur springs, we should wait at least an hour after bathing in sea water. The sea itself is 400 meters below sea level, so then the air pressure above and it contains more oxygen. Thus, 400 meters creates additional protection from ultraviolet radiation, and here you can stay in the sun 6 hours, and does not burn. Vacations at the Dead Sea for those who want to restore your health and strength.

Resorts of Israel
Israel is famous cities such as Tel Aviv, Eilat and many other vacation spots of the Mediterranean, Dead and Red seas. The proximity to the desert, a lot of attractions, waterways and bays - the climate here has to rest.
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Date Published: 03/01/2016
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