Halkidiki peninsula Greece

Halkidiki peninsula Greece

Those who have been in Greece, but has not visited her beautiful peninsula of Halkidiki, many lost. Located in the northeast of the Aegean Sea, the peninsula has the unusual contours – Three far-protruding cape by which Halkidiki was in ancient times a second name – “Poseidon’s trident.” At headlands has its own name, corresponding to the three children of the powerful god of the sea – Athos, Sithonia and Kassandra.

Peninsula and the associated legend is so popular among tourists, it has become the largest of the Greek tourist centers. Vacationers from all over Europe with pleasure ride on these magnificent, clean beaches, to spend unforgettable days on the soft golden beaches, breathing the fresh pine air and admiring the beautiful scenery of bays and coves of the Aegean Sea.

Mount Athos

Well, you can relax on the Chalkidiki, with a relatively small wealth that attracts large masses of so-called middle-class Europeans. For the housing you can pick up everything – from an inexpensive hotel or cottage to a five star luxury hotel. Most of the hotels located on the wild coast of the peninsula, so you can relax in silence, as the rest from the city bustle and noise of the resort entertainment.

Holiday entertainment have a standard set – night clubs and discos, special children’s area, where there will be someone to look after your baby, wonderful restaurants with different cuisine, a variety of shops and stalls with souvenirs, all kinds of water attractions.

Beaches in Halkidiki pebble and sand, for the most part belong to the municipality, and therefore free, the quality of the beaches at the highest level! If you want to be alone – there is nothing easier – a huge number of deserted secluded coves at your service.

monasteries of Meteora

In addition to the beaches on the peninsula, there are still things to do – for example, to dedicate a couple of days exploring the local attractions, which is a huge number. In Thessaloniki, tourists are attracted by the beautiful ancient temples and monuments preserved from the times of the Trojan War. In Athens, to visit the legendary Acropolis with its Parthenon architectural composition. The majestic monasteries of Meteora will impress travelers boldness of its architectural solutions – they were built six hundred years ago on the cliffs.

As you know, Greece – the birthplace of mythology and worship different gods. Here in ancient times it was built the so-called Dion – City of Zeus. To this day, the ruins of the temples of the ancient Greek gods – Hera, Isis, Dionysius, Demeter. The famous home of all the Greek gods – Mount Olympus impresses tourists not only for its beauty as the beauty of the surrounding landscapes that open as we ascend. See the pine forest Aegean Sea with its beaches with the bird’s-eye view – a pleasant and unforgettable lesson. Another famous Mount Athos, which is located in the southeast of Chalkidiki, is almost the most important holy place in the world for any orthodox person.

Most of the resort is all headlands Halkidiki Kassandra. Where the largest number of hotels of different categories. The greatest development here was beach tourism – here the white sands surrounded by rocky cliffs and pine groves transmit an unforgettable experience to its visitors.

the azure sea

Last cape peninsula – Sithonia – the most attractive for lovers of unspoiled nature pure contemplation of the azure shores, cozy bays and inlets. Here, tourists are offered the beautiful golf courses and tennis courts surrounded by olive groves, for walking on the sea, you can rent any of the possible types of maritime transport, and fans of nightlife – numerous night discos, casinos and bars.

Any tourist who visited the Halkidiki easily find something for everyone, the choice here for every taste and budget. The tourism industry of the peninsula developed at the highest level, so neither bored nor remember their everyday problems you will not have time.

Halkidiki peninsula Greece
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Date Published: 05/17/2016

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