In France – the next transport strike

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In France - the next transport strike

In France – the next transport strike. It held a nationwide strike next Thursday, May 19 in France, which involves including air traffic controllers. It has already led to the cancellation of several hundred flights, including those who use French airspace for flights between other countries.

National carrier Air France said the cancellation of 15% of domestic flights from Paris Orly airport second. All flights from the main Paris airport base in Roissy – Charles de Gaulle, are in the schedule. However, at this airport are possible flight delays and transport to airports can walk irregularly.

May 18-19 also tested the strike on other vehicles. In particular, it runs about two thirds of the main train and about half and regional commuter on Wednesday, May 18. Details of traffic on May 19 not yet been published. Passengers of canceled trains can move a trip to another date until May 21 or a refund for the tickets.

For passengers, the following May 19 through French airports, should regularly check the status of your flight. Cancellations apply to some flights between these other countries through the airspace of France – for example, from the UK to Spain, from Germany to Portugal, and the like. The latter is especially true for low cost airlines. Passengers of canceled flights may change the date of the flight or get a refund for the tickets.

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