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Resorts of France

France – a country that has always attracted tourists with its sophistication, elegance, a compound of different eras and cultures. Here lived and worked famous artists, singers, composers and writers, the country has enriched the world architecture masterpieces of architecture, culture – art. The singer Edit Piaf, painter – Renoir, fashion designer Coco Chanel, they all praised France and Paris with their creativity. The whole world knows the famous attractions of the French capital, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees. All these buildings are known all over the world, and each year thousands of tourists eager to Paris to see them with my own eyes. French resorts are also known in many countries.

France resort – Courchevel

In the center of Tarantezskoy Valley is well-known French ski resort in the Alps called Courchevel. This resort is considered one of the most prestigious and elite places for ski holidays. From December to April there has been a steady snow cover, and is located at an altitude of Courchevel 1850 to 2374 meters. The main town of the resort – La Tania. The resort consists of 4 levels, which are located at 1300, 1550, 1650 and 1750, these four stations provide travelers persistent snow cover throughout the season.

The resort Courchevel
Trails in the resort of Courchevel in France serve 67 ropeways, modernly equipped cabin 9 and 16 chairlifts and a cable car. More than 600 cannons provide artificial snow and a good cover. In the district of Col du Pas du Lac, which is located at an altitude of 2700 meters, there are many steep and extreme slopes for thrill-seekers, professionals in alpine skiing. Here, in the resort of Courchevel in France, a children’s school of skiing called “Village des Enfants”, where the youngest athletes train winter activities in the mountains. The resort has slopes with a height difference that can conquer not every skier.

France Resort – Provence

Another famous resort town called Provence, where any visitor and local resident will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet, sunbathe on sandy beaches and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. It built many grand palaces, narrow streets lined with stone blocks, and the air reigns peace and harmony. It hosts the fights with bulls and bullfights called renowned theater festival in the world. Among the attractions of Provence isolated reserve of Camargue, Arles, Verdon Canyon, the Luberon National Park.

Resort Provence
Reserve Camargue is close to another French resort of Avignon, it’s almost wetland at the mouth of the Rhone River. There are many channels, they are very elegantly arranged. Near the waterfront there is a town of Aigues-Mortes, which is enclosed by a fortified wall. The city of Arles is known for its Colosseum, churches and temples, as well as there is a bridge that inspired the painter Van Gogh called Pont Van Gogh. Also, the famous place of Provence is the National Park of Luberon. On its territory there are mountain small towns such as Roussillon red relief due to a variety of clay deposits, as well as Gordes, famous for its fogs. This famous Verdon Canyon, also located in Provence, and visiting the resort you will be able to see it with my own eyes.

France Resort – Avignon

Another well-known French resort, which is located inside of Provence, and is the main city of the department of Vaucluse is Avignon. It is located on the banks of the Rhone and is one of the most interesting cities in France. It hosts an international theater festival, there are a bunch of attractions worthy to see them with my own eyes. Back in the 14th century were erected battlements that surrounded the city. There are also 30 towers strong and beautiful gates.

Resort Avignon
Today, Avignon is the seat of the Archbishop, here are the highest theological school, high school and seminary. City Resort is known for the best cotton products made of silk and velvet fabrics. It also developed mechanical and foundry, people grow fruits and engaged in beekeeping. Churches and monasteries are considered landmarks of the city. Learn about its history you can, having carried out a tour of the city.

Resorts of France
France is full of wonders of the world, Paris the capital attend every year to witness it with your own eyes the sights, well-known all over the world. Moreover, in France there are hundreds of cities-resorts, where tourists can spend their holidays in any season. Courchevel or Provence, who know travelers from around the world, are among the most popular.
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Date Published: 03/20/2016
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