Is it a good rest on the system “all inclusive”?

Is it a good rest on the system all inclusive

The hotel is “all inclusive” or self-service – which is better?

The hotel is working on the system “all inclusive” or independent holiday planning – it is more profitable for the family during the holidays?

Programs such as “all-inclusive” look tempting for those who are going on vacation with your family. The daily routine of the “home-family-work” detrimental effect not only mental but also physical condition of the person. Therefore, all of us just want to relax and be in a place where there is no need to worry about anything, where everything and decide to do it for us.

Rest during which we do not have to stand at the stove, and all the entertainment will be ready, it sounds magical antidote to the crazy rhythm of family life. It is for this reason that holidays “all inclusive” is the leader among other types of families. But if the hotel is really, in which you will not need for anything extra to pay – so much fun?

The advantages of self-recreation

Living in another house within 1-2 weeks gives a whole new feeling, a kind of escape from everyday life. You can feel like a completely different person – the owner of the estate in the hilly village of Cyprus or a member of a wealthy family living on the farm, to whose door is delivered fresh homemade milk every morning. This allows you to plunge into an adventure that you hardly where you can still find it.


Solitude – another nice bonus holiday with self-catering. Time spent with family is priceless! Although sometimes the tourists there is a need to meet with other families while relaxing in the hotel “all inclusive”, but it is unlikely they will want to spend all their time relaxing in the company of hundreds of other tourists. Villa or cottage will give the family the luxury of personal space, even if it is located in the famous resort – all the tourists can always return to “their territory” and enjoy homemade food and peace.

The freedom of action

From a practical point of view, an independent vacation with young children gives leeway. If your offspring are capricious during a meal, the apparent convenience of “all-inclusive” can be a nightmare – all of your vacation you will persuade children to try an unfamiliar hotel food. It might be fun to try and try all delicacies buffet, but often “all-inclusive” means that you are subject to time meals, and if you want to explore the surroundings, then breaks for meals or limit your plans or you risk losing something, for what you have already paid.

If you want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the place, such as a theme park, it is better to have a meal there, it will leave an unforgettable impression about the rest.


If you want to stick to a healthy diet during the holidays (and avoid fast food), it will be your undoubted self-service assistant. This is unlikely to allow you to get anywhere at night, especially when the children need to go to bed, but it was not so bad. On their own rented villa you can put the new tire the child experiences sleep, cook your own meals and spend the evening in a romantic atmosphere – quite a pleasant alternative to a hotel room where you would have to be together all the time.

Control of expenditure

When you cook for yourself, the rest is lost the security of “all inclusive”. A good way to reduce the cost of food – in advance a list of products and go to the supermarket on the way to your accommodation. Local minimarkets can be quite expensive, so make a shopping list in advance to avoid unnecessary expenses. In addition, in many countries the delivery of products can be ordered on the house or pick up your order from the store.

In addition, it should be remembered that the “all inclusive” is not always literally corresponds to this concept. Tourists often buy on snacks and drinks that are not included in the tour price and are tempted to go to the local restaurants and dining in the same dining room. If you say – we are not one of those, you look at the figures: according to statistics, two-thirds of the tourists spend an average of 233 pounds sterling in addition to the trip to the hotel system “all inclusive”.

Of course, if while walking you will see a restaurant in a beautiful location, or your children will want to dine somewhere with my friends, you will be hard to resist the temptation to visit this place, even if you choose your own leisure. But you will be able to plan their spending and, according to statistics, still spend less than if bought tour of the hotel “all inclusive”.

Tips for travelers on their own

When planning a family vacation, tourists should not disown independence, both from hard work. In fact, everything is simple. Relax, do not forget that this is your holiday too. During your stay you can enjoy with your family a large portion of pasta and crusty bread for lunch. And the meal will take place in peace and relaxation, you can focus on communicating with loved ones. Maybe you will discover something new in the local cuisine, check out the nearest supermarket and read about the culinary traditions of the country before traveling.

If you are afraid of excessive independence of self-catering holiday, then you should look at the more gentle options for relaxation – the usual hotel or villa in the popular resort (privacy plus access to all the attractions and entertainment). You can choose half-board, or buy a voucher for dinner at any convenient for you today.

Sure, the tourists to rest requirements are very different, as well as their families are different. But self-service provides an individual approach to each family, accustomed to the rhythm of their own, as opposed to the system “all inclusive”, which does not discriminate and does everything a standard approach.

Is it a good rest on the system all inclusive?
The hotel is all inclusive or self-service - which is better? The hotel is working on the system all inclusive or independent holiday planning - it is more profitable for the family during the holidays?
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 05/04/2016

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