Rest in Sochi

Rest in Sochi Best resorts

Rest in Sochi

Sochi – the only city in the Russian resort with a subtropical climate on the coast of the Black Sea. Rest in Sochi – a prestigious and comfortable, and the sanatorium-resort of Sochi is considered one of the largest in Russia. The entire territory of the city is divided into 4 main areas: Lazarev, Central, Khosta and Adler. More than half of the resort potential of Krasnodar Region is concentrated in Sochi.

Recreation Facilities in Sochi

About 600 health centers, hotels and other establishments for the rest located in Sochi. Among them are tourist centers, and private hotel, which can accommodate more than 56 people around the clock, and in the summer there is more than 70 thousand people. Here there are resorts and pensions economy class, accommodation and recreation which is not very expensive, and the conditions are quite comfortable and allow a person with a not very high level of prosperity nice rest. Luxury hotels are presented with four stars and offers excellent facilities for visitors on vacation in Sochi.

Embankment in Sochi

The water temperature in the summer in Sochi – a + 24,5?C, and the air temperature reaches + 26,5?C. The average winter temperature is + 8?C. The sea air, the unique landscape and warm climate have made Sochi, a popular holiday destination. Sochi is considered the best spa resort since the days of antiquity, because here also beat out of the earth beneficial minerals, namely sodium sulfate-chloride springs, called Matsesta. The first building for Matsesta procedures were built in Sochi in 1902.

Caucasus Mountains in Sochi

In 1909 there was opened a sanatorium for recreation and disease prevention. Here were carried out water and other procedures. The building was a caf?, a reading room, a restaurant, a casino, a concert hall, and even laboratory and bathing building. It was called Caucasian Riviera resort. Mineral springs in Sochi originate in the valleys of the rivers Matsesta, Agura and Hosta. More than 50 sources of drinking water and spa profile are today in Sochi. Holidays here can be not only real way to overcome the fatigue, but also the ability to pass preventive procedures, to improve their health.

Medicinal properties and leisure resort in Sochi

The most commonly used hydrogen sulfide and bromine water is used there for prevention and treatment. Drinking sources are: Mamayskoe field, which collect water for the production of mineral Sochi, Volkinskoe – out of the water which makes Lazarev, bellies field where water is extracted for bottled mineral water Plastunskaya and Chvizhepsinsky source. These are the main places that provide the opportunity to be more of Sochi and health resort for people wishing to spend a vacation here and get rid of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Healing source in Sochi

More 23 area in which possible future extraction of underground mineral waters from sources open in Sochi today. Activities at the resort, and is suitable for those who wish to get rid of toxins, as the mud of Imereti sludge deposits that Adler district of Sochi, will help improve the overall health and even rejuvenate. The deposit area is about 400 square meters and reserves amount to more than 2.5 million tons.

Winter International Festival

Rest in Sochi – it is not only the opportunity to spend time at the seaside and healthier. Here you can learn how to ride a water modes of transport, flying in an airplane, hot air balloon operated by professional mountain climbing. Climb the snow-capped peaks, walk through alpine meadows, hiking, go skiing or sailing. Stadium, tennis courts, soccer fields, medical and diagnostic base and developed tourist infrastructure make it possible to call Sochi – one of the best in the world.

Rest in Sochi
Sochi it is a true paradise for tourists, as there is mountains and the sea, and mineral springs, and mud, and an excellent infrastructure and entertainment. And resorts for people with any level of wealth, sandy beaches, fresh air contribute to the excellent state of health and mood.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/20/2016
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