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Resort Hurghada

Hot sun, crystal clear sea and magnificent beaches made Hurghada tourist Mecca for Europeans.
In the early twentieth century was a small fishing village on the site of this modern resort. For a long time there lived British oil workers, who were looking for in these parts the oil fields. Only the first 80 on this gorgeous area decided to make ultra-modern resort that meets all the requirements of international standards.

Over 30 years in Hurghada all the necessary infrastructure for your comfort and entertainment of every tourist was built.

Meet Hurghada resort!

Hotels in Hurghada
This small town is one of the largest tourist centers in Egypt. He has absolutely all modern infrastructure for a perfect holiday. Everybody can find a comfortable place for themselves, regardless of budget. Hurghada resort is very advantageous, because here everything is a little bit cheaper than in Sharm el-Sheikh.
Tourists are attracted, first of all, an opportunity qualitatively to rest with a small budget. Other important advantages are resting in Hurghada: dry temperate climate all year round, long natural beaches, clear water and stunning scenery. The resort because it is located along the Red Sea.

General information about the resort of Hurghada

Hurghada – this is primarily a resort for active recreation! Here, perhaps, the most developed infrastructure for water sports and recreation. In the world of Hurghada it is known as a luxurious place for diving and exploring the rich underwater world of Egypt. Great barrier reef popular resort. Hallmark Hurghada are also great tourist attractions. Beaches resort for over 25 years are the title of best in the country.

What is interesting to see in Hurghada?

Resort Hurghada
Old Vic Village – a popular tourist resort.
Old Vic Village – it is a large sandy beach, which is located in the bay with views of the southern coast. Here you can enjoy the best views of the sea and the resort’s beaches. The city authorities have made all the necessary amenities for tourists. Here is a complete set of services ranging from water sports center and restaurant, to the showers and bathrooms. On the part of the architects of Hurghada unique measures have been taken in the course of which the historical memo was created a mini entertainment center! And they have not lost, because the attendance has grown attractions at times, and new buildings will perfectly complement the architecture of the old harbor.

We advise you to visit this place during sunset or at sunrise! I am sure you will be delighted with the unique landscapes that open up to you out of the bay.

This attraction is ideal for all lovers of diving. Short historical data: in late 1941, the British freighter «Thistlegorm» were destroyed by German fighters. After the bombing of the ship virtually split into two halves. As time went on, forget about it. Nowadays divers resort Hurghada was found in the ship. By law, the content should be removed and given to the state, but the resourceful authorities decided to make this place one more tourist point of the resort. The idea of you liked and came to life. And what we see in a few years: Thistlegorm was in the top 5 of the best attractions of the resort Hurghada! If you took a tour to Hurghada, you just have to dive to 30 meters deep and explore the mystery and riches of the sunken ship! Otherwise, the impression of the rest will not be so intense and bright!

The unusual nature Hurghada

You are tired of just lying on the beach or swim in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea? Then you will find the island Giftun! This vast pristine island has at least traces of human civilization. It is located just off the coast of Hurghada, and is the starting point for the vast expanses of the underwater world. On all sides it is surrounded by coral reefs that are home to hundreds of species of fish and shellfish! During the underwater excursions, you can enjoy a huge variety of corals, moray eels, lion fish, lobsters and fish, parrots, fish, angels and many other rare wildlife!

Giftun Island. Resort Hurghada
To the south of the island you will see an amazing reef, which gave the name of “Aquarium”. The fact that at certain times, for some reason, going around the entire schools of fish. This scene is so popular with tourists that many return here again and again.

Do not forget to order a waterproof camera or a camera for underwater shooting to capture the perfect moment for a lifetime!

Nightlife Hurghada Resort

Throughout the resort there is a huge number of nightclubs. The most popular are the disco club “Calypso is” night and “Hard Rock” bar. Open dance floors outdoors, contemporary music, as well as various games and contests for visitors Hurghada great cheer up and charge with positive emotions! For example, in the “Hard Rock” bar you can enjoy the “classic” and modern compositions followers of rock ‘n’ roll. The institution has positioned itself as a “night club”, so there is a certain entrance fees and age restrictions on the sale of alcohol. If you are not fans of rock music at your disposal a lot of great new clubs and discos of different genres. The resort Hurghada everyone finds music to their liking!

You read about the best tourist places of the wonderful Egyptian resort of Hurghada. It’s time to see the photo of the best attractions and architectural masterpieces.

Resort Hurghada
This article contains all the necessary information about the Egyptian resort of Hurghada. You will find useful information about what to see and the best places to relax. You are familiar with the historical facts.
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Date Published: 03/21/2016
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