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Resort Antalya

At a height of forty meters above sea level, in a beautiful bay on the plateau, which is cut off by the raging waves, it is the resort town of Antalya. This popular Turkish resort visited by thousands of tourists every year, so everything is built and prepared for visitors from around the world feel comfortable. Mediterranean, pure white sand beaches, waterfalls and mountains, hot sun and warm climate – all this is waiting for everyone who wants to experience the atmosphere of heaven, having arrived at the resort of Antalya. Toros mountain ranges, which are covered with pine forests, down to the clear waters of the azure sea, the area simply could not help but become a favorite holiday destination of the majority of residents of different countries. Tour operators vying offer a trip to Antalya, as the resort is the most popular tours and relatively inexpensive. Among the attractions of Antalya Duden Waterfalls, consisting of bubbling in the rocks Toros rivers that descend into the Mediterranean Sea, the tombs of Lycia, Anatolian Riviera, numerous mosques and museums.

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The most hospitable city – Antalya

Resort Antalya combines a colorful history, architectural monument, the echoes of the past centuries and modern, furnished spa centers for residents of Europe and the local Muslim tradition. For tourists there are shops in the Turkish style, where sellers can communicate with customers in both English and French and even Russian. Here, near the shore and along the tree-lined boulevards, there are many cafes, where cooked Turkish cuisine for you: rice with vegetables, lentil soup, hummus or eggplant salad. The town has retained its identity in its winding streets, bustling markets, ancient architectural monuments, magnificent coastline and rocky coves.

Active rest and relaxation or contemplation? Turkish resort offers

Beach lovers Antalya attracts with its variety of beaches, both with pebbles and sand. Those who prefer a secluded vacation, find a shelter here on the wild beaches, without civilization, and all the attributes (sun loungers for hire, refreshments and umbrellas). Konyaalti Beach is considered a magnificent sandy beach, wild beach and Lara are always happy to take in his arms hermits. Among the attractions of the city, the architecture of the town center, which has preserved ancient buildings – Fluted Minaret, Hadrians Gate and other buildings. Here in Antalya lot of palm trees and other plants that only grow in subtropical climates, Antalya resort combines the heritage of the ancient Oriental culture and modern civilization. The city is full of cozy and well-kept parks, picturesque harbors and spacious boulevards. There is a possibility to feel relaxed and unwind from the bustle at any time of the year.

Antalya beach
It flows into the sea near the waterfall Karpuzkaldyran “park of youth” – one of those wonderful places where you can walk, enjoy a cup of Turkish tea or coffee. In each hotel there are a lot of additional services: spas, massage, whirlpool or exercise rooms. If you enjoy outdoor activities and sports, vacation in Antalya – no reason to change the daily life and habits, as there are all conditions for any type of holiday.

Resort Antalya
Luxurious hotels, equipped beaches, waterfalls, mountains and the Mediterranean Sea - all this Antalya. The beautiful resort city of Turkey with quiet alleys and bustling nightlife invites all fans of good rest.
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Date Published: 03/21/2016
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