Antalya, Turkey Resort

Antalya, Turkey Resort Best resorts

Antalya, Turkey Resort

In Antalya, it is impossible to find a place where you would not like it, because at this beautiful resort and harmoniously combines nature, the sun and the sea and beaches. Once having been in Antalya, tourists fall in love with its wonderful beaches, immaculate purity of warm seawater, and exciting attractions look better Turkish resort.

Antalya – the best resort in Turkey!

Antalya is the warmest resort in Turkey. All those wishing to swim well in the sea and relax on the beach, Antalya will help you, because at this resort swimming season begins in April and lasts for as much as 7 months. In early November, the season ends. City Resort Antalya is developing at a fantastic rate, so you will have the opportunity to evaluate not only the beaches and the sea water, but also learn a lot of interesting information about the sights and other popular tourist sites in Turkey spa capital. Good afternoon relaxing on the beach, having gained power, you can safely use it in the night life of Antalya. A great number of discos and other nightlife, which enjoys great popularity among tourists. For example, the “Olympos” – one of the most popular discotheques of Antalya. If you want to spend the night outdoors, the best choice would be the “Club 29”. You can also see the “belly dance”, which is growing in popularity around the world.

Waterfall Antalya
Hotels in Antalya

Antalya – Turkey’s Mediterranean resort has a wide network of hotels that can satisfy any tourist with any financial situation. It is often said that Turkish hotels have not a very good service, but we can safely say is: Antalya – the exclusion of all the resorts in Turkey! The vast majority of reviews of this resort – the positive and the rest are just isolated cases! Of course, such a service, as in wealthy European countries do not have, but the Antalya – the same resort, the hotel is just come to change, well and sometimes sleep. The rest of the holiday in Antalya goes to dances, beach, excursions, souvenirs and of course the attractions.

Resort Antalya, information about beaches

In order to fully ensure the purity and beauty of Turkish beaches, we recommend you rent a car and drive along the coast. The first thing you will see is a handsome two beaches: Lara and Konyaalti. Long sandy, and most importantly clean beaches attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Among our most popular tourist Lara, as it is at this beach of Antalya regular concerts of Russian and foreign stars. Another popular beach is Bichpark, but the majority of our fellow citizens just simply do not know about it. The tourists from other countries, have a rest and having fun on Bichparke, rightly considering it one of the best beaches of Antalya.

Beach Antalya
Unlike the beaches of Lara and Konyaalti Bichpark famous “live concerts” world stars, dancing till the morning, wireless internet access and a delightful beauty of Antalya girls. The huge popularity among those who want to relax on a wild beach with no major benefits of civilization enjoys the beach of Olympos. Who is there can not only meet, and yogis, and hippies, and the local “savages”, and, of course, our tourists. All who wish to relax in a simple way, that is, without loud music, gulyanok all night, and other components of leisure, which rife in Antalya. Olympos – the beach for those who want to be alone with him, in harmony with nature. This place attracts even our tourists, who argue their choice by the fact that it is at this beach of the clearest water and the best sand of all the beaches in Antalya.

Antalya, tours of the resort’s attractions

The resort in Antalya, you just have to take a guided tour of the Falls Duden, whose beauty will amaze even the most demanding tourist. On all sides of the waterfall built wonderful area where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the soothing noise Duden waterfall, which is just a few kilometers from Antalya. Cool air and moisture impregnated nice all around, making it an ideal place to take a break from all over the world.

sea Antalya
Beach Antalya Many different military installations surrounded Antalya, but to the present time has reached only Hidirilik Tower Kulesi. History of this building begins nearly 2000 years ago, in the II century. During the construction of this protective structure served as a beacon for sailors. It is interesting to know that in the middle of the attractions of Antalya is a huge stone. Many scientists believe that the tower is still performed and the tombs of the functions that is quite real, but the evidence is there. In the meantime, Antalya attracts tourists not only as a resort, but also as a city of exciting attractions. Another interesting place in the resort – the Archaeological Museum of Antalya. Being the richest Turkish museum, it contains many prehistoric finds, sarcophagi and sculptures of different eras and nations that once existed on the territory of modern Antalya.

Antalya, Turkey Resort
In this article you will learn a lot of useful information about the holiday in the resort of Antalya. Attractions, nightlife, beaches, Antalya hotels - all this awaits you in this article.
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Date Published: 03/21/2016
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