Resort Bukovel

Resort Bukovel Best resorts

Resort Bukovel

Rest in Carpathians – one of the best options for the winter holidays. Bukovel is one of the most famous resorts in the Carpathians. This is well built up a modern resort, which can be equated to many European ones. The resort is located in a small village Polianitsa high in the mountains. Bukovel resort is equipped with ski slopes of any complexity, there are built comfortable hotels of any level of comfort.

Mountains in the resort of Bukovel

Bukovel resort is surrounded by two majestic mountains Hamster and Sinyak, which rises in 1542 and 1665 meters up. These mountains are waiting for lovers of extreme driving and mountaineers who conquer their peaks. Mountain vertices protect the resort from the winds. To save money you can choose for relax not a hotel, but a private sector or rent a room or a house. Here in Bukovel there are private estates, and small cottages and mini-hotels, accommodation which is much cheaper than traditional hotels.


High-quality service, comfortable conditions, good ski patrol and the route of any complexity, as well as modern equipment, good lifts all these are the main but not all of the characteristics of Bukovel resort. Trails in Bukovel were laid on herbal base on specially prepared slopes. That is why they are all nicely fully equipped and ready to ride safely.Before the arrival of tourists, snow cannons spray and tamped the snow on the slopes, special machines protect the track from direct sunlight on the slopes of the mountains. Artificial snowmaking significantly lengthens the period of the resort, especially the season of skiing in Bukovel. Good lighting of the routes makes it possible to ride on them in day and night.

Bukovel ski elevator

Bukovel resort is sure to offer travelers the services of professional instructors skiing. Training is carried out, both individually and in groups, there are training opportunities of snowboarding. At the resort of Bukovel there are trails of varying difficulty, starting with the skiing on gentle slopes for beginners, you can improve your skills and move to a more steep slopes for professionals.

Leisure and accommodation at the resort Bukovel

In Bukovel there are organized tours at any time of year, especially popular vacation here is at Christmas. Try local Hutsul cuisine in restaurants and hotels during traditional Ukrainian holidays which are offered at this resort. In addition, in special days here you can visit the famous concerts, relax in a mountain valley and try the skewers of lamb and pork, to participate in the Hutsul folk amusements.

Rink Bukovel

In Bukovel it is possible to make a walking tour to the local mineral springs, sightseeing, mushroom and berry picking in season. Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis, souvenir markets, artistic and memorial trail Dovbush are Bukovel resort’s attractions. On one of the markets where they sell souvenirs you can buy creations of local artists, all symbolic objects on the memory of the holiday in the resort of Bukovel. The warmest temperature in July is 16C, and the coldest in January is -6C, so the climate in the resort can be considered quite mild, thanks to the mountain environment.

Mountain slopes

Among the famous hotels there is a guesthouse Carpatski Barvy, Guest House Krasna Polyana, Village Royal Resort and many others. The latter refers to the network «ROYAL HOTELS & SPA RESORTS» and is a modern ski resort, opened in 2009, as a complex. It consists of cozy wooden cottages, there is a restaurant, sauna, and all the amenities for a comfortable stay at the resort Bukovel. The three cottages are 10 comfortable rooms, including 4 single standards, in which can be placed two people. There are 3 two-bedroom suites and 3 two-bedroom luxury rooms, respectively, there can be placed 4 and 6 people. All apartments are equipped with modern furniture and appliances, satellite TV, under floor heating in bathrooms and showers, on the territory of the complex there is a parking. The friendly restaurant Kolyba is always glad to new guests.

Night ski track

Bukovel resort – it is a fresh mountain air, the European level of service, equipped tracks, the ability to have a great time and learn skiing.

Resort Bukovel
Bukovel is hospitable and waiting for anyone who wants to become a professional ski ride. The mild climate allows you to feel comfortable here at any time of the year, and snowmaking makes it possible to extend the holiday season.
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Date Published: 03/18/2016
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