The best ski resorts of Russia

Best resorts of Russia Best resorts

Best resorts of Russia

Russia is a huge country. Caucasus, Elbrus – Russia has more than 150 ski resorts, complexes, and malls. The best places for skiing should be aware of all the tourists, which sooner or later going to visit Russia mountain slopes. The main features of the ski resorts in Russia can be considered convenience trails, special landscape specifics and comfortable rooms for accommodation. Here developed tourist infrastructure, there are houses, hotels – everything you need to spend your holidays successful.

Krasnaya Polyana – a resort for skiers

Krasnaya Polyana

One of the famous ski resorts in Russia is a resort of Krasnaya Polyana in Krasnodar Krai. Vacationing here can be from October to April. Located resort at the foot of the Main Caucasian Ridge. The height of the resort 550 meters above sea level. Mountains in height from 2 to 3 thousand meters surround the resort with several parties. The resort has 4 ski resorts, among them: Alpinka Service, Mountain Carousel, Rosa Khutor and Gazprom.

Krasnaya Polyana Krasnodar

The total length of trails in the ski resort Russian Alpinka service – 25 kilometers. As for the lifts, the ski and chair then 5, as well as 4 cable cars, which are arranged in series. The ski resort Gazprom includes 8 ski trails of various difficulty levels. For skiing in the evening, illuminated slopes 3, and the total length of the trails there is 5 kilometers away. Black pistes for the professionals here are also in the amount of 3 pieces. With regard to complex Mountain Carousel, there are 75 kilometers of trails. The complex Rosa Khutor seats tracks and lifts up to an altitude of 2400 meters.

Elbrus – the center of winter activities in Russia

The best ski resorts Krasnaya Polyana

Another popular ski resort in Russia is Elbrus in Kabardino-Balkaria. Here you can relax from November to May, and on some routes you can ride all year round. Two main slope here – this Mount Cheget and Elbrus. The highest point here is Gara-Bashi, whose height is 3780 meters above sea level. Elbrus – it’s 35 kilometers of ski trails and 12 kilometers of the cable cars. Here, in general, have a rest, those who rides well, but a lot has already been allocated for the beginners slopes. For example, a local resort Old horizon boasts the longest trail, which stretches for 2 and a half kilometers. Here there is a vertical drop of 650 meters.

Elbrus Spa

Platforms and the ski slopes of the ski resort of Russia located on the slopes of Mount Elbrus and the Baksan gorge below on the mountain Cheget. There are 10 runs, 6 are located in the Cheget and Azau 4. Length slopes on Cheget 1,000 meters, and Azau – 1500 meters. Here the biggest vertical drop of 1,500 meters. The highest point at 3,500 meters Cheget. There are several chairlifts and ski ropeway on Cheget and pendulum, gondola, odnokreselnaya and platter lifts are Azau. The ski resort in Russia Elbrus offer flights paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, freeriding, heli-skiing, mountain biking, kite boarding and other winter sport activities.

Dombai – ski resort in Russia


A good and frequently visited ski resort in Russia can be considered Dombay. In this area, more than 30 hotels of different classes and levels of service, you can relax here from December to April, and is located in the resort Dombay valley at the foot of the Main Caucasian ridge. The highest point here – is the peak Dombai-Ulgen. It reaches a height of 4040 meters. At the ski resort of Russia is a picturesque valley, which is formed by interconnected by a gorge Alibek, Amanauz himself Dombay-Ulgen. Trails in this ski resort fairly flat and are designed for a comfortable ride.

Dombay winter

The blue and black runs, ie runs for professionals, are here in the bottom of the slope. There is a pendulum lift, drag lifts in length from 200 to 600 meters and 5 chairlifts. The descent from the mountain Mussa-Achitara considered one of the most comfortable, but it starts with a height of 3002 meters. The total length of pistes here 25 kilometers. For newcomers to Dombai also has equipped the route. Gentle slope skiing here is 400 meters wide, it is served by 3 ski lifts 100 meters. The resort has all the necessary conditions for heli-skiing and off-piste, there’s a helipad.

The best ski resorts of Russia
Russia - one of the largest countries in Europe. Development of tourism infrastructure in the local ski resorts makes it possible to relax in comfort and active.
Best resorts
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Date Published: 02/10/2016
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